Sixt car rental?

Has anyone ever rented with Sixt (off - site MCO) car rental? They are somewhat less than the on-site agencies. Reviews are all over the place and it’s hard to decipher how legitimate they are good or bad. I’d love to hear if anyone has had any good or bad experiences.

I have never rented with them because of the same mixed reviews. Also be careful with the “off brand” car rental companies because many don’t include unlimited mileage and that could wind up costing you more.

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We have rented with them extensively in Europe. They are legitimate and are actually a premium brand (aka not off-brand). Their best rates are usually pre-pay so in the US I would only book when you are pretty close to your trip and they are the best deal.

THAT being said, at MCO they are off-site. I assume that is the source of their bad reviews. With your time being valuable and SO many brands that are on-site, I would likely avoid them in Orlando.

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Thank you for your input.

I will keep looking into them, but I am definitely “buyer beware” still.

I am traveling as a group of 7 (me, four daughters, my mom and my sister - DH and sons will be at home). A mini-van can work… but a 12-pax would be so much more comfortable (it is what we have at home, too). It is fully $500 less at Sixt. I can tolerate a bit of inconvenience for that kind of savings. But I don’t want to be taken advantage of.

I have time to investigate. We don’t travel until November. I think I will try to join “clubs” for the major brands, and ask at AAA for some help in finding a good price.

Oof, $500 is a not-insignificant amount of savings!

I’ve never rented with Sixt for the same reasons, but the Backside of Magic guys say that Autoslash is the service they use to find the best rates. (I haven’t tried it yet but will give it a whirl when I go to book our rental car when we’re down there in November.)

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Thank you !!!

I’m pretty sure they’re owned by Hertz (as are Dollar and Thrifty). I’ve never rented from them, because whatever airport I’ve flown into they tend to be off-site and I guess I’m impatient when it comes to picking up my car, but I’d rent from them before companies like Advantage or Payless.

I switched to Sixt from Hertz (absolutely hate them) a couple of years ago and have been very happy, have used them about a dozen times in Europe and and a few times in the US. I rented from the near-MCO location twice and it was smooth. After being used to Hertz treating me horribly, I was pretty impressed by them, I got to pick from a few car models, cars were nearly new, no queue.

Not owned by Hertz, it’s a big German company

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Thanks. I knew they were a popular brand in Europe. Not sure why I thought Hertz was involved with them.

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Just came across this. I’m looking into Sixt as it is significantly cheaper for us as well. Did you end up going with them?

My trip is pencilled in for Nov… I’ve not decided what to do yet.

I used Sixt in another place on a recent trip, as the “least expensive option” was mandated by the oversight of those who would be reimbursing the trip.

I had no troubles with them; their car was in perfectly reasonable shape (as in, just like from Hertz, Dollar, or Enterprise when I’ve rented through each of them) and the experience was absolutely fine.

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I have months to go until I need to pull the trigger, but I appreciate how everyone continues to share information here. Thank you.

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Just did another Sixt pick up recently. Got an upgrade but they tried to make me pay for it even though I supsect they didn’t have the type I had booked. After a little back and forth I paid close to nothing extra and got the upgrade. This hustling was the only downside, otherwise we got a brand new Range Rover, kids seats (which were new from the wrapping) brought in 30 secs. Counter too about 10-15 mins, but finding out car, packing and driving out took max 15 minutes. At Hertz we would’ve still be in the queue or No1 Gold cue, which was longer.

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@vndt was this is Orlando?

Sorry should have mentioned, this last one was in Miami, where I’ve had some of my worst car rental experiences with Hertz before.

My prior post (and positive experiences) were in orlando