Six Flags Great America tips?

DD13 spends summers with her dad in Indiana and I come visit her up there. We’ve done Holiday World, Lake Michigan, Cedar Point, Lake Lemon, and a cabin near hiking trails in South Indiana and Cincinnati. This year we’re doing Chicago and gonna spend a day at Six Flags. Anyone have any tips. Cant miss roller coasters? She loves thrills. Thanks! Good places to grab a brunch or a dinner? I know Chicago is a big city so must have some good food. TIA

I live about an hour from the park and used to go frequently but haven’t been there in over 5 years now, so I’m a bit out of practice for how to plan the perfect day there by liner standards. The newest rides since then seem to be ranked as the best, like Maxx Force, X Flight, Goliath. There’s a cool looking Metropolis ride that seems to be like a cross between UOR Spiderman and MIB. For stuff I’ve done, Superman is lots of fun and a must do. Classics like Demon and Batman are on par with RnRC. Raging Bull is the tallest with the biggest and best drop, but as a ride overall seems to fizzle out after that first drop. Now I want to get back over there and try those new rides. I won’t be back to FL for awhile.

For food, other than grabbing fast food, we ate at Steven’s Steakhouse once which is next door and it had really good steak and food overall from what I remember. And good variety of pastas, seafood, etc. Depends what you’re looking for though. I’m sure there’s good Chicago style pizza somewhere nearby too. In the greater Chicago area, there are endless great options and too many to recommend.

Definitely post about your experience. I’m curious to see how you like it. The lines can be horrible at busy times, but not sure what to expect there this year. There are also 3 tiers of paid Flash Passes though if that interests you.

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It always does and it’s already purchased. ;-). I’m of the type to always purchase the skip the line passes. We have a couple six flags near me and I’ve been to Magic Mountain as Aunt lives in Orange County California. So I know you have to basically choose what you want to ride and then virtually wait but with platinum it’s like 1/10 the real wait or something. It always works out if you book the next ride the moment you check in to the current one by the time you get there it’s good. Thanks for some of that info. We will make sure to do all those you mention. :-).

Don’t miss Goliath! Awesome hybrid coaster.

X Flight is fun, and the headchoppers are far superior to the experience at CP on Gatekeeper. I suggest trying to ride it twice, once on both sides…the experience feels unique on each side.

Superman is okay, but a bit uncomfortable. Worth riding if you’ve never done a flyer before.

Other coasters are fun enough, but not anything to write home about. BUT, fun fact…the Whizzer is the coaster than turned out youngest son into a coaster fan. Great ride for younger coaster enthusiasts in the making.

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Got it: Goliath top priority and Xflight x2 in the plan. Thanks!

Okay Ryan and @Tall_Paul1 …I’ve made this list that goes clockwise around the park though if think we should reverse it I’m okay with that too. I’ve left off attractions that say “closed for the season” but put one on there that said “temp closed” in case its open when we go in a couple of weeks. Do you know if the few rides that don’t take Flashpass get really long lines? Should I go to them first? Anything I should skip cuz its awful? Anything else needing the “Don’t Miss” note in case we’re getting tired or running out of time?

Attraction Land FlashPass Extra Fee Notes
Maxx Force Carousel Plaza Yes Don’t Miss
Rue Le Dodge Orleans Place Yes
SUPERMAN: Ultimate Flight Orleans Place Yes
THE DARK KNIGHT Coaster Orleans Place Yes
Mardis Gras Hangover Mardi Gras Yes
THE JOKER: Free Fly Coaster Yankee Harbor Yes
BATMAN The Ride Yankee Harbor Yes
Yankee Clipper Yankee Harbor Yes Temp Closed but maybe open by the time we go
Vertical Velocity Yankee Harbor Yes
Winner’s Circle Go-Karts Yukon Territory Yes
Logger’s Run Yukon Territory Yes
Goliath County Fair Yes Don’t Miss
Revolution County Fair Yes
American Eagle County Fair
Dare Devil Dive County Fair Yes
X Flight County Fair Yes Ride twice trying both sides and Don’t Miss
Buccaneer Battle County Fair
Demon County Fair Yes
JUSTICE LEAGUE: Battle for Metropolis Metropolis Plaza Yes
Giant Drop Southwest Territory Yes
Raging Bull Southwest Territory Yes
Viper Southwest Territory Yes
Whizzer Hometown Square

We’re getting fireworks too and this will be on July 3, a Saturday on a holiday weekend so I purchased the Platinum Flashpass because I expect it to be crowded.