Six Flags Great Adventure Safari park info?

I’m interested in going to the drive through safari at the NJ SF park, Great Adventure. But I can’t find any info anywhere on when the safari is open. One option for us would be to go in the April 10 - 15 timeframe when I was thinking of going to spring break in Philly, b/c it’s a little less than an hour drive from Philly (although I wonder about that…might be better to just get a hotel in NJ and not drive both ways in one day…). If I go to the SF website it never says when the safari is open, and if I go to the buy safari tix page it never shows which days are available. In fact, it won’t let me choose any days in any months, although I wonder if that’s b/c I didn’t already add single day tix to the cart. I never renewed my SF season passes for our home park (DC area, SF America) due to all the changes (they really upset me when they canceled Holiday in the Park on us with no notice), and if we decide to do this I might choose the option that gives me admission to all SF parks. I don’t know. I just know that I don’t want to go all the way there and not be able to see the animals I wanted to see. Of course, I know that things like weather can be an issue, etc. Thanks for any info. I just came up with this idea bc DS14 told me that he’s wanted to go to Great Adventure for several years. I would check, though, to see if the coasters he wants would be open.

I worked for SF for years. I don’t have access to a current calendar. However, I can tell you confidently all SF parks open for weekend operations around Easter Weekend. Then go full time when local schools get out in May / closer to Memorial Day.

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Update: tons of online searching and I can still find zero info on when the safari park opens. I tried to send SF Great Adventure an email but that isn’t working either. It says you can call them but I’m thinking it’s probably not working yet b/c their season doesn’t start until April 1.

All of this dysfunction totally reminds me of our local SF. I’m never able to get answers when I need them and when I get them it’s usually wrong. Thinking to not try to do this over spring break, when during the week stuff is iffy. Thinking that a summer visit or maybe during the Halloween thing might be better. I absolutely wnan to see the safari park if we travel 3 hrs to see another SF. Because seeing the tigers if what I want right now. It’s DS14 who wants the thrill rides–ones they don’t have at our local SF.

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I still have friends “on the inside”… The whole company is a mess from the top down. They are in the middle of another possible cooperate shake up as the CEO, S. Bassoul, doesn’t seem to know how to operate a theme park business. (It’s not his background. He’s a “professional” CEO that came on during the COVID crisis)

A lot of the parks are in this odd state of, “Are we going to shut down or face massive layoffs?”

I’m not saying this directly impacts your NJ trip as that park is unique and its calendar may be separate and dependent on the needs of the animals.

However, I have heard a few horror stories about park operations and reopening’s now that the pandemic has subsided and this new board has to actually be accountable as to why they aren’t rebounding.

Everything you’re saying is why I haven’t renewed our season passes for our local SF park, SF America in Bowie MD. The prices went way up and they took away a huge seasonal thing we loved, Holiday in the Park. But now that it’s getting to be spring I’m sure my kids will want to go so we will probably still get the passes. I just don’t know. For many years it was always a renewal I did as soon as the Labor Day sales came out.

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I’m going to hang out with old Six Flags friends next month in St. Louis. I know I’ll get the season pass for that park, but I am debating the nation wide pass too. I’m probably going back there in the fall for FrightFest as well (and to see those friends again… we are all finally at the point that our kids are either adults or close enough that we can all “be ourselves again” and not just someone’s “parent”!! :rofl:)

I could go to ATL as well later in the year if I bought the pass… :man_shrugging:

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I am a St. Louis Six Flags alum also. When did you work there? I was in rides '90 - '94.

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2002 - 2008