Six Flags and Cedar Park merging

I think they should get rid of the Six Flags. For reasons

  1. it makes no sense outside of Georgia and Texas
  2. one of those flags is too controversial anyway
  3. what you said above about Six Flags having a tarnished name

When you go to Knotts Berry Farm you don’t think I’m going to Cedar Fair and that’s good thing imho

Also having been to a couple of Cedar Fair parks and lots of Six Flags I don’t get the love for Cedar Fair over Six Flags. They feel very similar to me.


They removed the Confederate flag many years ago, switched to just 6 US flags.

Plenty of corporate names outgrow their original meaning, but are kept for marketing/branding purposes. The new board must have decided that it would be easier to improve perceptions of the existing well-known Six Flags name than grow name recognition of Cedar Fair or an entirely new name.