Site could use UI scaling

I’ll be honest, I do not like the new look. I find it so clunky and hard to use. I realize that we’re never going back to the simplistic (admittedly dated-looking) text-based view of the old website.

So, my suggestion is that you allow us to scale the UI on the page. What I mean by this is that we can adjust how much information we can view on a page at a time (usually through changing the font size). For me, part of why I find the website hard to use is how big everything is. There’s way too much scrolling where I used to see most everything on a single page.

For example, on the Crowd Calendar. First, I scroll down to the calendar, then I have to click “Row view.” Now I have the data in rows, but it’s so big I can only see three rows at a time. This is ineffecient and could be improved with an option to shrink the font size.



I’m able to see five rows at a time on the desktop:

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Some aspects remind me of MDE. And BG1 was created because MDE is so clunky and hard to use. I agree. I like the older, dated version better.

I can as well but that is still a lot less than before. And the default is calender view which shows a lot less info. I don’t find thd calender view useful.