Sit down lunch or dinner Epcot day

My June ADR times are going to start in soon! I want to try for a in park ADR at Epcot (Space lounge) but was wondering on timing since we are going in June and will want to do a mid day break. I want to do WS in the morning till it gets too hot then break. Either way we will probably go back to hotel (AKL) since we have EEH and will want to stay late.

My question is should I try to time an ADR for a late lunch (during the hottest part of the day) or an early dinner? Plan on going back to WS after the break. Also we want to snack around the world (morning and/or evening)! Thanks for your advice!

The thing I always find challenging about dinners at WDW is how it cuts into evening time in the park. So my family has shifted more to the late lunch option wherever possible

That’s my vote (we are going late June!)

Of course, if they pull a rabbit out of their hat and give us a new summertime festival (starting 6/10???) then I would say no to both and snack around the booths.


This was my thought too! What time should I schedule lunch? 2 pm? Or will we really be dying by then? Should I try for 1 pm? Plan on getting to the parks around 9 am. First Disney park day for us West Coasters so we will still be jet lagged.

We go for the 2-3pm timeframe

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Ok perfect. And maybe we can power through and not go back to hotel by doing some indoor activities during the high heat.

You may want to ask some of our west coasters about the whole jet lag thing.

I don’t know how that might impact plans

@Wahoohokie and @Julianne_fki ???

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Check hours. Lately World Showcase doesn’t open until 11 am, except for limited things. So doing WS in the morning might not be a thing.

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We don’t go to the parks until 2-3pm every day and we always do a sit down dinner b we like having the break in the ac and having a drink or 2

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This is a critical mistake I’ve made in the past as a person who generally doesn’t eat breakfast. In real life, I could get by on coffee/water until 2. But I underestimated the amount of calories out I spent walking miles at the parks. Have some go to (preferably protein) snacks on hand just in case.


Thank you! Great advice. When I said dying I meant from the heat in June haha! We are planning on snacking around WS in the morning and then I want to retreat to an air conditioned ADR. I want to try some treats in WS and hopefully get my DD to try some new foods. DH likes a proper meal so we will definitely need to stop at some point for him!

Does anyone have great suggestions for snacking around the World? Savory options? It seems like there are a lot of sweets! Great for the kid but not so great for me!

Going first week of June so no festival options (as of now).

Pretzels and and brats in Germany (and grapefruit beer for mom!)

Bread in France (but also here get the sweets and do the macaron ice cream sandwich).

Slice of pizza in Italy, nachos in Mexico, poutine in CA. Fish and chips in UK (not for me but people love em. I’m just spoiled from the places I’ve visited to think these are great lol).


If I fly in on a day-time flight (i.e. not the red-eye), then I don’t often want to eat breakfast until 10:00 or 11:00 at the earliest. So a late lunch at 2:00 or 3:00 is perfect. If you need a place for breakfast at Epcot, there’s not a lot of options, but Les Halles is my favorite!

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Perfect! Thank you so much! We are doing Epcot 2 nd full day we are there. We come in Saturday evening. First day is Discovery Cove which I also hear has an early start but luckily my SIL is taking care of planning that (she has hook-ups yippee!) I’m thinking we will get to Epcot around first lightening lane time (Hopefully 9-10!) then snack around the world and do rides till lunch! I want to take advantage of the late hours for deluxe guests so I’m not so worried about getting in early. Epcot is the park we want to spend the most time in since it’s so different from CA parks.

I suppose heat tolerance may vary depending on where you are in California (says the girl from Boston who, frankly, knows very little about California weather). But, from my experience, yes you really will be dying by then. Dying so hard.


We went in June the last time we went (2021). We are in OC about 5 miles from the ocean so pretty perfect weather! It’s going to be June gloom here so the heat will be nice. We do Disneyland in the summer which is hot July-Sept but nothing compared to Orlando! That humidity is something else. Really helps my dry skin though!