Single signature dining

if you had to choose 1 signature dining restaurant which would you choose? Children 16,13 & 9 and will already have done arkhuus, BMG, 1700 pakr fare adn tusker house so not a character meal, want really good food and atmosphere. Was goign to pick california grill but seen some mixed reviews recently.

You’ll see mixed reviews of most if not all restaurants, so I wouldn’t let that put you off. We’ve only done Yachtsman, it was good but I’m not desperate to go back. I think that other than Cali Grill, Jiko is the main one I see recommended.

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I too have seen a lot of mixed reviews on CG and most of them align with my experience. If you want to go because it is good food ( there are other signatures that I prefer food wise) and the view ( including fireworks) then I would say CG. @missoverexcited mentioned Yachtsman, and that is the one signature that I have no intention to ever return to (but others love it). My favorite is Jiko. I love the food and the fact that it is at AKL is a bonus. I may recommend Tiffins though for great food and it is like eating in a beautiful Musuem .

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Tiffins. Tiffins. Tiffins.

California Grill was the greatest regret of our recent visit. But your experience may differ.

Tiffins was the culinary highlight of our trip.

Granted, it has been a long time since I’ve been to Disney (currently doing a family trip in December), but I will never forget my meal at Jiko, that I did with a group of friends.So, I will certainly second that recommendation. Also years ago, on the same trip, I did California Grill, but my sister & I sat at the bar. It was nice & I enjoyed the view, but it did “feel” crowded/busy in there. It was not as relaxing as what I thought it might be. With your kiddos & their ages, I might take a look at Coral Reef at Epcot because it could be fun to eat while looking at the fish swimming around.

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Sanaa. Sanaa. Sanaa.

But only if you get a table with a decent view.

That is only 1 credit isn’t it? We have it in our plan although won’t get decent table as 5 of us

Can’t to coral reef, my eldest has a fish phobia!

@profmatt Glad to see you are still hanging around! I was afraid you would abandon us once your “once in a lifetime Disney ALL IN adventure” was completed. I’ve always enjoyed your posts and it’s good to know you are passing along your experiences!


We really enjoyed Yachtsman, but it’s nothing to look at. It’s definitely the 1990’s version of New England. I dare say I liked the steak entree we ordered at Tiffins better than the aged steak we ordered at Yachtsman. Tiffins was our favorite “in the parks” meal of our trip in July. We love the Boathouse at DS, so much so that we ate there a second time one night late after MK closed.

I would suggest Jiko or Yachtsman. We ate there last December and enjoyed both. At both locations, there were families there. We did a trip report so if you would like to see what it was like, I would be happy to share it with you. Oh, we shared on all our eating locations and what it was like, including pictures, along with the parks and things we did.