Single rider vs parent swap

My mother in law had to have emergency surgery and can’t go with us…so, now we will have to swap out waiting with our youngest on some of the rides he isn’t tall enough for. Is it quicker, generally, to do single rider or us take turns via parent swap if no fastpass? And can we still do parent swap if we’ve gone thru fastpass line (i.e. space mountain)?

I can’t really tell you which is faster but I can tell you that you can use FP with the rider swap and it’ll save you FP’s as you’ll only need one for the first rider and the second adult gets to use the FP lane with the rider swap card. Is it just the three of you? Remember that riders can take up to two other people with them using the child swap card.

No, we have 3 children, but only one who will miss the 44" cut-off

Well everyone that goes through the first time will need a FP but your kids could ride twice on the three rides they have FP’s for.

thank you for the reply!

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