Single Rider vs LL and wait times

Heading to WDW last week of June and am considering using single rider line for Expedition Everest and Test Track vs using G+ to save LL reservation. What is the rule of the thumb on Single Rider wait times for these 2? I’ve read that I should expect to wait 25-30% of the posted wait time? That sound right? I tried Single Rider for Rock N Roll Coaster in Dec and the single rider line was not shorter than standard line.

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I can’t answer your main question, but I believe RnRC has a bad reputation when it comes to the single rider line wait times. However, I believe that it is more of an outlier than the norm.

Others may have better data.


Rides that are two seaters (like RnRc) aren’t as quick at single rider as rides like MF in general. I feel like EE usually doesn’t have a bad wait. Test track on the other hand may be best for SR line

In February Disney’s posted regular line was 80 minutes. I timed my single rider line and it was 15 minutes.

Thanks, Principal. But for what ride?

Sorry TT- EE was not not open on my last trip. I have done EE single rider in the past and that wait was never 1/2 of the posted time.

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Are you saying EE is less than 1/2 the time or more? Thanks

Always less in my experience.

Single rider TT was one strategy I used in February when I did not purchase genie+ or ILL

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TT & MFSM are the best ones. Agree that EE doesn’t usually have a bad wait. We have gone SR on it before, sometimes it’s quick. I have always found RC slow.

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RnRC is one where I will wait in the regular line before I will ever do single rider again.

Because of the configuration of the coaster - the way it curves around so that the person sending people to the loading corrals makes it very easy for people to SAY they have an even number when they have an odd number and it’s harder for the other CMs to pull single riders before it loads.

The last time I tried single rider, not only did it take longer than it would have if I’d just gotten in the regular line, the holding pen area for single riders got so dangerously overcrowded they had to run 2-3 trains of JUST single riders to clear it out. Yes, that was probably an extreme case, but it was scary being so crammed in with more people coming in every single time the pre-show finished.


TT: Both times I have done this recently, the SR line was 5-10 minutes. Easy breezy.
EE: I’ve done SR many times on this one and it’s never been more than 5-10 min wait.
MFSR: I’ve done SR a few times and it has usually been quick, but you miss the preshow and are generally stuck as engineer.
RNRC: I did SR recently and the wait was almost as long as posted (90 min). However, it was all in shade and inside, not baking out in the sun for 30 minutes before going in the shade like standby. That said, it is slow moving and frustrating. They close SR if they think it’s as long as standby - I was the last one they let through for about an hour after me. The people let in later probably waited half an hour, so it’s luck if the draw. Rule of thumb is if it goes significantly out the door, it’s probably as long as standby.

It also helps on other rides, like ToT or Soarin’, to keep an ear out for CMs asking for single riders, or to tell a CM near a junction they you are a single rider so they can direct you to an open spot in an almost filled vehicle.

To answer the other part of your question, LL lines are generally short (5-10 min) but in rare instances I’ve waited 15 or 20. My wait for Soarin was 20-25 min - the way they divvy up the line on that one is not conducive to a quick return.

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Agree that RNRC single rider is frustratingly long! I agree with the others when they say that single rider is as long if not longer than stand by! Instead of filling with 2 single riders, they go way down the stand by line for 2 riders.

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