Single rider test track with kids?

We have a few hours at Epcot planned for an afternoon on our arrival day. (We are balancing Disney and Harry Potter at Universal, so this was using a “free day” we got with our park tickets.)

The plan was to FP Soarin and single rider Test Track ( and tier 2 FP for MS and SE.)

DH now has to fly in later that day, so it’s just me with my two sons, age 11. Would you feel okay doing single rider and having them wait at the end for me or vice versa? They are responsible, and I’m not usually a nervous nelly, but as it’s our first day, and we’ll still be getting our theme park rhythm, I’m just needing a little reassurance.

With 11 year olds I think so. Quite often 2 single riders will get on the same ride anyway. Just make sure they know exactly what they need to do. So if they go first, the exact spot you want them to wait. It might be easier if you go first so you can grab them as they get off.


This was going to be my suggestion - you go first to prevent them from wandering off before you finish. Squirrel!!!


We’ve done it with my youngest since he was 7 but always sandwiched between me and DH, at least when he was little. My first thought was not leaving them in the queue alone, but then I thought of where they were going to emerge… The chances of them not wandering are slim!


Our initial plan was to sandwich between us too. I was thinking that having them in the queue might be better bc a cast member would be nearby but it depended on where they disembark.

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Test Track has a lot of stuff to look at/do when you get off so it would be pretty tempting!


Just one note - I’ve experienced the single-rider get scrambled a bit. As in the first person may get sent to one bank of cars, but the next person to a different bank and actually get loaded earlier. So, make sure your sons are briefed on what to do whether you get off first or they do. I’d think 11-year-olds will not be a problem.

I’d imagine that the easiest rendezvous is just before the monitors that show the ride pictures, but I don’t remember the Test Track exit that well.


That is so helpful to know. Thank you!