Single rider plans

I just created my week’s worth of plans for my trip next month, but does the planning system have an option for single rider lines? For Everest, Test Track, Smuggler’s Run, and Aerosmith, it seems to take into account the standby line instead of single rider line. Is there a way to factor in single rider lines and the fact I’m only by myself to begin with? Is it also possible to include things like out-of-park reservations and park hopping? I have a Disney Springs dining reservation on my DHS day but because each plan only allows meals at the locations within the park, I basically have to do it as a rest break and then guesstimate how long it’d take me to leave and come back.

And on an unrelated topic, I also have Fantasmic, Galactic Spectacular, and World of Animation all in the same plan, but is that actually a feasible thing to pull off or should I only do Fantasmic?

There’s no way to incorporate single rider lines because they are reliant on a single rider being required and there’s no way to predict that. At EE and TT, it’s usually less than 15 mins. At RnRC, it can be an hour and is frequently slower than doing standby so I wouldn’t recommend it. I haven’t done SR but I’ve seen wildly different wait times for single riders discussed. I would use the standby time if you do it on RnRC, and put it in as a FP in the other 3. That will get you fairly close.

No there’s no way to include out of park dining or park hopping.

It depends what times they are scheduled. It’s very often not possible to see them all.



The CMs at RnRC are very efficient at filling trains, for some reason. They match up groups of 3 to fill cars instead of pulling single riders. I think single riders only go when they absolutely have no other way to fill a car.

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Totally agree. Do SB not single rider for RnRC.

As far as I know, that’s the only way. There is a Disney transportation time calculator I’ve seen around before. I don’t have the link, but maybe someone else on here can provide it. You’re still left to estimate your own time for an out of park break, though.