Single Rider Lines?

In planning for my first solo trip, I’ve realized that I can use single rider lines! If I remember correctly, they’re offered at TT, Everest & RnRC. Is that still accurate? Also, if you’ve used them, how long do you typically wait? I want to ride EE and RnRC as many times as possible! All help is much appreciated!

RnRC may NOT be faster than the regular standby line. I was waiting much longer and had to leave because I actually hit up against one of my FastPass times. So be aware that it’s not always faster for that one.

EE seems to fare better.

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Exactly the kind of info I was looking for! I’ve heard that the line for TT can be longer as a single rider, too.

Agreed, RnR definitely seems to back up more than the others and vary the most from the posted time in my experience. i don’t know if it still works, but last time i used single riders on TT you couldn’t fully design your car at those terminals, so if you want to do that, go into the post show area first and design your car there and put it on your band and just by pass the terminals in the queue.

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I never would’ve thought to design the car in the post show area before getting in line. This is why I love Liners!