Single rider lines - how do you account for them in a TP and do they really make a difference?

Hi all,

How do you take account of single rider lines in a touring plan?

How much do the single rider lines cut your wait time down by? I’ve heard that RnR can sometimes be the same as standby…

For an evening trip to DHS I’m dithering between trying to get a FP for RnR or ToT (it’ll be our 2nd visit to the park but I don’t know which we’d rather repeat as this is our first trip!) - wondering whether to get ToT and any of the family who want do RnR go single rider but it also looks like RnR is the more popular ride so maybe this isn’t the best choice?

Any insights for this and EE and TT gratefully received!

Thanks, Brizz

In my experience, single rider is never as long as standby. Maybe 10-15 minutes on average and up to 20 when it’s busy.

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My kids have used the single rider line for RnRC. It was faster, but not significantly so.

I do think the advantage it offers can be diminished somewhat because some groups will just use the single rider line instead of standby and accept the fact that they won’t ride together. Nothing wrong with this, mind you. Just pointing out that it makes the SR line not QUITE as much a time saver as it once was.

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It’s highly dependent upon the quality of the CM doing grouping. A moderately good grouper will have the Single Rider line moving incredibly fast, as they match a Single Rider to all of the odd parties. An outstanding grouper will have the Single Rider line at a standstill, because they will quickly find and match all of the odd parties.

Nobody likes a bad grouper.

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I guess that’s potentially what we’re talking about doing if we don’t get a FPP for it… although it could be that DH and DS14 do single rider while DS11 and DS10 and I head to the last showing of Beauty and the Beast with an ice cream :slight_smile:

Is there a way of amending the times in a touring plan to take account of the (theoretically) shorter wait times?

I don’t see a direct way to do it. (It would be a nice feature to request!)

But I think you could sort of accommodate it by first evaluating your plan and then see what the wait time is. Then, create a break that you place at the same location in your plan, with a duration that matches the cumulative total of the modified wait time, plus walking time and ride time. Insert it (adding a note that it is for the SR line of the ride) and then remove the actual ride.

Not the most elegant solution, and might not even be worth it.


@Brizzolboysmum Tough choice between which ride your family will want to do twice! I don’t care for RnRC, so my kids and DH often ride it single rider while I wait. The SR wait time is highly variable in our experience, but having you and younger kids go to Beauty and the Beast while they ride in SR is a good plan. I think that ToT is more of a “community” ride in that you are seated next to each other in longer rows and you can see and hear each other better. We have the best memories and ride pics from ToT with all 6 of us in the photos.

I just make it as a FP and than might add something like a short break after.

Depending on the estimated difference between standby and single rider, I’d probably just leave it and consider it a little extra padding for bathroom breaks and snack breaks.

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