Single rider lines at UOR

Hi, can anyone tell me which rides at UOR have single rider lines? Specifically interested in Hulk, RRR, both HP rides and the Mummy.
TIA, Brizz

Definitely Hulk, RRR, both Harry Potter, Spider-Man (only some of the time as very slow moving), Men in Black. Kong did when it opened but it didn’t have Express pass then so not sure now. I’m completely blanking on The Mummy. I think the wait was always so short that we just did the main line on our offsite days. I can’t remember if single rider was an option.

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Here’s the link with the rides.

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Oh I forgot Transformers, we used that one too so I should have thought of it.

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Thanks so much both. Thinking of returning to UOR tomorrow to re-ride some favourites, but we all want to do different rides!

I’m just wondering how to take account of single rider lines in my touring plan. How much do they reduce the wait times by?

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A lot. Spider-Man was the only long wait I remember and quite a few times we walked past and it wasn’t available at all. We waited about 5 minutes for RRR and Hulk. Men in Black was 20 minutes.

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Thanks for all your help everyone. We went back on Sunday morning.

USF had EPA so we started at IOA, I was in the Hulk queue at about 8.55, wait time was posted at 10 minutes and jumped to 25 almost as soon as I got in the queue! I was a bit concerned it was going to take ages (I was meeting the rest of my family later and had given my phone to DH to avoid the locker horror) the queue moved very slowly before the metal detectors as we were all in together and HUGE tour groups were being very naughty cutting in, removing ropes in the line and letting 5-10 people in. Really frustrating that team members weren’t preventing it, other guests were getting very angry about it.

It wasn’t very clear where to go when the line split but every time I encountered a team member I asked and I was sent up a staircase after the detectors and walked straight to the front of the SRL - I was put on straight away and in the front row! It was amazing!!! I think I waited about 10-15 minutes and it would have been less if it hadn’t been for the line cutting en masse.

My family rode Spiderman as a group and were waiting when I got off Hulk. We walked to Forbidden Journey and the standby was only 20 minutes - we rode together and even with using lockers I think we were on in about 15 minutes. - Less time than we’d waited with Express Passes during the afternoon the week before! We also walked through the greenhouses and past all the paintings we’d missed before so we felt this was a great result!

Took HE to USF, family rode Race Through New York, I went to RRR. It had stopped a couple of times on our visit the week before and I wanted to have an uninterrupted ride! Posted was 45 minutes, I think I waited 20 minutes in SRL. I don’t think I’d do it again, I like the thrill of it but I find the restraints quite uncomfortable and my head and neck bounced around a lot. - I’d rather do Hulk on repeat!

DS10 wanted to ride the Mummy with me and was happy to do it single rider. Lockers much less crazy here and we basically walked straight to the front for loading and were then seated together anyway! We were really chuffed, posted was 40 minutes and I think we were on and off in about 5 minutes! Both loved it.

Rest of the family were in a long wait for the Simpsons so we rode the Nuthouse coaster as it was a 5 minute wait and we’d not done it before. Neither of us liked it much, not because it was tame but just quite uncomfortable.

We had planned to ride Men In Black as a family as DS11 had really enjoyed it but standby was 45 minutes by then, none of us thought it was worth that wait and the kids didn’t want to do it single rider.

Everyone was hot and bothered by now and just wanted to go back to our resort and hit the pool. But DS10 wanted to do Gringotts again so the others went for a drink and snack and we did it single rider, didn’t sit together but it was probably 10-15 minutes, posted standby 60. We missed the main bank hall and the pre-show so I’m glad we’d done it before. We both absolutely loved our final ride and decided it was our favourite across the Universal parks so were really pleased we’d ridden it one last time.

Thanks for helping us have a great morning :slight_smile: