Single rider line

We have never made use of the single rider lines before because we’ve always ridden together as a family, but thinking about our upcoming trip in November it seems appealing to hop in that line sometimes to save a few minutes on the more crowded days.

Do any of you allow your kids to do the single rider line? Ours will be 15 and 13 when we go and I feel sure they’d be fine separated from me if it meant waiting in line a little less. What are your experiences?


Last trip, DS15, DS13, and DD10 went with DW and I, and we did a couple things (notably: Test Track) by queueing in the Single Rider line and riding separately, and reuniting at the end. We had no troubles.


Yes! If they don’t mind, its good. We’ve done TT single rider and we (well not me but DH and DS) did EE for an extra ride using SR after their FPP. DS was 15 last trip. He is a bit shy but more importantly hates waiting!

Excellent! I was imagining using it to get multiple rides on things we had already used our fast passes for. Thanks for the info!

My 7yo did single rider as often as he could, he loved it.

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I think my 12 y/o’s only hesitation would be having difficulty finding us to meet up after the ride. Since we’ve always been together I’ve honestly never even paid attention to the exit areas of the rides. Is it pretty simple to find each other after?

I allowed my 8 and 9 year old to do it on our last trip. We usually got to ride at the same time, but in case we were separated (and knowing the exit of the ride is often in a different place), I got on first and waited for the kids. The youngest got on second and the oldest brought up the rear.

The single rider line is one of the best kept secrets in Disney World and Universal!


What rides offer SR at WDW?

Rockin’ Rollercoaster, Test Track, Expedition Everest.

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And also seeing Tower of Terror listed, but I don’t recall seeing one the last time I was there.

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Very simple, and quite often you’re on the same ride anyway. We always sent an adult either side with the kid in the middle.


No ToT has never had a SR line.

That’s what I thought, but seeing some places on the 'net that said it did.

for a 53 min projected wait time on Test Track, how much time could single rider line shave off?

Easily between 30-45 minutes.

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Wow. Fantastic! Three adults going so we honestly don’t care if we sit together for a whole 3-5 minute fast ride. It’s just easier and we can accomplish so much more. Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

And its easy to remember since its RR, TT and EE