Single Rider, big time saver?

We are planning our first trip to Disney World, but only have half a day at a couple of the parks. Does single rider really save a lot of time? My TP doesn’t have room for TT at Epcot, but I was hoping maybe we could squeeze it in with the single rider line. Does it cut the wait time in half or more? Same for Everest?

Single rider for TT and EE are useful, as long as an ENTIRE tour group doesn’t get in the line before you. It cut cut your time down significantly, but it really depends on the day. DON’T do it on RnR, that takes forever.

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It’s a huge timesaver on EE, not so much on TT and RNRC in my experience.

Any idea why it saves more time on EE? I’ve taken the RnRC single rider line before and saw how long it took to get loaded. Maybe the people responsible for row assignments for RnRC are better at combining groups to fill all seats (group of 3 seated with another group of 3 instead of leaving 2 empty seats to fill with single riders?)

TT definitely goes quickly in single rider because of the 3 and 3 seating. My wife and I got to ride in the same car one behind the other because a group of 4 was sat 2 and 2. That’s probably pretty typical.


Yes it’s the way they load. On EE if there’s a party of 3 they load them with a single rider. On RnRC if there’s a party of 3 they load them with another odd numbered party so there is no spare seat.

We’ve had mixed fortunes on TT but it’s certainly much much better than RnRC.

I only did Single-rider on RnRC because I went on it while the whole family was napping. Today, with same-day FPP, I would have just gotten myself a FPP and it would have been much faster. Doesn’t help a big group, but for 1 or 2 adults, getting FPP shouldn’t be impossible except on the most crowded of days.

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We have a group of 4. I wasn’t planning to bother on RnRC bc we should be able to use FPP. FPP for EE also, but was thinking maybe single rider for a reride. TT is the one I am most concerned about bc otherwise we probably won’t be able to do it.

RnRC single rider actually works great IF you get there after rope droping TSL. It will move quicker than the main line.
For TT and EE, it definitely moved faster than standby but it wasn’t magic.

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