Single Rider and Customized Touring Plans

Do most of the big “thrill” rides (e.g., Space Mountain, Matterhorn, etc.) have single rider lines? If so, since these are often a much shorter wait, how can you adjust customized touring plan to account for using these lines on some attractions?


This might help:

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I don’t know how it works here, but even though it was nice of Andy to come up with intro stuff, the question was really directed at Touring Plans folks. Don’t they monitor and answer questions that directly pertain to them?

No they don’t. The forums are for users to chat to each other. Unless it’s an extremely technical question, usually other users will know the answers.

If you want to contact TP staff directly, you need to email

In this particular case, I’m quite sure that many of the experienced DL liners will be able to help out with advice.

@lolabear_la @Wahoohokie any advice?


Ah, thank you for tagging me, it seems like I missed this one in the “Disneyland category catch-up after getting home from vacation” that I’ve been doing for a little bit now. :woman_technologist:t4:

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Single rider lines exist for:
Goofy’s Sky School
Radiator Springs Racers
Grizzly River Run
Space Mountain
Indiana Jones

There are no single rider lines for Guardians or Soarin but they do call out for parties of 1 2 or 3 as needed to fill seats. They also started a single rider line for Star Tours this year but this last weekend they didn’t have it open (it wasn’t really needed as the crowds were so low that standby waits for it were never over 30 min). For a few other rides they will occasionally have “buddy pass” lines where strictly parties of 2 can line up to fill in the last row on the ride vehicles for Monsters Inc and TSMM. But I haven’t seen either of those available lately either. At Winnie the Pooh without fail, they will also be always looking for parties of 2 to fill in the last row but haven’t ever had a dedicated queue area for them.

The single rider lines for Space, Indy and Splash aren’t always open and usually most of the single rider lines won’t open until standby & FP lines are no longer walk-ons. When open the single rider for Space is great (but this is the most inconsistent one on being reliably open).

As for putting them in the plan, you can try to make it work with FP timing (usually SR will be better/quicker) but that can get to be a lot of work and you may be trying to use FP as well, so either add in SR lines as a break or for the ones you just can’t get an accurate timing for the FP wait, leave it as standby & you’ll be ahead of plan most of the day.

My kids are teens and we love single rider! Helps us get everything in that we want even when the park is a CL 8 or 9. I think it would be hard for TP to factor that in to their plans since it is kind of hit or miss when they’re open, how long they are, etc. We’ve walked on to Space and then gotten right back in line and waited over 15 minutes. It is way more variable that the standby queues. Lolabear is spot on (as usual) just keep it in the plan as standby and know you’ll probably gain some extra time by using single rider. We’ve even used single rider at RRSR instead of our FP because it was quicker.


My oldest is about to be 8 and so being a 7 yr old this year has been eye-opening to the ways of SR and so a lot of times when we plan he specifically requests to do SR for ____ ride. The only one he’s really hesitant about is Indy as he doesn’t love the jostling so likes sitting front row. And he doesn’t really like the wet factor involved with Splash so he avoids that ride in any form/fashion. But I look forward to one day being able to make use of SR once all the kiddos hit those older ages!

The nice thing about single rider on Splash is that you’re always in the back and less likely to get wet! The front tends to get soaked whereas just random splashes in the back.

Also on Grizzly, we’ve been known to go single rider and take turns so that we can all use the same poncho!!


The back is the only place my son considers riding on Splash so I will have to pass that along to him & the combination of being in the back & the chance at SR may yet get him back on this ride!

As for the poncho’s on Grizzly SR that is SO genius! I’m writing that down for if ever my family decide to try it. My son & I have done it once together but no one else is remotely interested ever.

Since we’re talking about getting wet. There are lockers to the left of the entrance to Grizzly Rapids that are free for 2 hours. I hate having soggy shoes, so I bring a backpack with flipflops and a change of clothes. I do single rider 4 times on a light day, then go change. That strategy may help your reluctant riders.

Nice tip! I always put my feet up - don’t know if I can adequately explain how or where - but it really helps keep the feet dry as well! Taller people might have a problem with that, however.

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That is what I do. It is the center area that is elevated. I did the same on Kali River Rapids in May and it worked out great.