Single party, two reservations? (Plaza Breakfast)

Making Plaza Inn Breakfast with Minnie reservations; we technically have a party of 7, split between two families (5 + 2). I noticed that there has been much more availability if we make two separate reservations vs. a single 7 person reservation. Anyone know if we’ll have any trouble sitting together? Do they seat you or can we just sit together no problem? (You’d think I should know the answer to this, we did this two years ago…)


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For Minnie’s you will definitely be sat by a hostess. I would go a little earlier than your ADR time, let them know that and also if you’re willing to wait, let them know that up front. But it’s definitely not guaranteed and dependent on what capacity they have to have those table sizes next to each other.

This is our problem in August. I make my dining in 2 weeks and have been practicing.
I’m a group of 9 (6 and 3)
I can’t even find a 6. So we will do 5 and 4 and stop and request together when we walk by earlier in the day and hope for the best

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Ah, good to know thanks! I’ve been able to get 8:30am reservations for 7 but that’s the best I can do. I can get any time for 5/2. Going to have to decide whether to use the 8:30 or take the chance and go with the later time and asking them…