Single Parent, 2 Kids and rides

Im a single Father of 2 children about to embark on my 1st
big single parent vacation and have our vacation booked in January and
I’m investigating the rides me and both my children will be able to ride
together. I know about the height requirements but i need to know what
rides can accommodate all 3 of us together and if it can only fit 2 what
could be rode by my daughter with out me or my son in the same seat or
row? My daughter is 50" tall and my son is 43" tall. Thank you

Will be visiting both parks throught 5 days and any single parent advice to navigate our time would also be appreciated. We are going diring the estimated slowest time the last full week of January. Thanks

Hi! How old are your kids? If your daughter is 7 or older she can ride anything (that she is tall enough for) by herself.

Forgot to mention ages unfortunately she will still only be 6 @time of vist and my son 4

I went on a trip with a girlfriend and our kids. There were a total of 5 kids & 2 adults. My oldest was too young to ride with an under 7 yr old (11 years old). We had 3 kids under the age of 7. We were turned away from 7 mine train & barnstormer. All the other rides we could fit 1 adult with at least 2 kids. Your son will have to sit in your lap for TSMM. Hope this helps. Have a great trip!

Based off of memory of several recent trips, here is a breakdown by land for both Disneyland and California Adventureland (DCA) where you might run into issues with being a solo parent. I have done it for parts of days with my toddlers when my hubby was either pin trading or one time we were in town for an adult only no children wedding and he went to represent us while held down the fort in DL with the kids. For me it was challenging finding rides that they as tiny toddlers could board without me getting so stressed out, so I chose to focus more on shows and ambiance attractions like Mickey’s House, Goofy’s playhouse, character meets which were all part of a great time as well. If you really want to take them on the rides, with their ages they are more likely a lot more mobile/able to load themselves it’s just a matter of Disney’s requirement that all children under 7 are accompanied by a person 14 yrs or older. If you are confident that your daughter could load herself in & out of her own seat you can coach her to respond her age as 7, but that’s totally up to your comfort of her being able to do it herself (especially on coasters like Space & Big Thunder that may pose some challenge for you). There is a good reason why Disney requires children to be a specific age, but again, if completely depends on your comfort level with that. I would look at children on a case by case basis as I know some 5 year olds that would be completely competent at loading themselves but on the other hand some 11 year olds that I would worry about…

Anywhere, here’s a breakdown by land and hopefully it helps you still plan a great trip! Kudos to you by the way for taking them yourself! Solo parent touring with 2 kiddos, while worthwhile all the same to see your kids enjoying the magic of Disney, can be exhausting too!


Fantasyland: It will be tight squishes for 3 on Dumbo & Mr. Toad’s and if they make you utilize just one row on Snow White’s, Pinocchio’s and Alice’s. Your daughter may be old enough that they will be ok with her riding in the row in front on Snow White’s Pinocchio’s & Alice’s since it’s all one cart with two rows. The rest in FL you should have no issues.

Tomorrowland: Skip the Astro-Orbiter if you can. I squish in with my two toddlers on this one (2 & 4) and it’s pretty cozy. With your older kids it is likely to be really tight and they won’t let your daughter ride in her own jet. Space Mtn will also present a challenge, unless the CMs are willing to let your daughter ride in the row in front. The rest (some with squishing like Autopia & Buzz) you will be able to get in on one ride cart or all sit next to each other (Star Tours, Submarine).

Adventureland: Skip Indy (which you probably were already doing with heigh requirements). Nothing else will give you grief.

New Orleans Square: No issues with either Pirates or Haunted Mansion. You’ll be able to to ride all three together easily.

Critter Country: For Winnie the Pooh you’ll be able to board together on one row (may be a little squished) but they have two longer rows that they’ll use to load you on). For Splash, I would recommend asking for the back two rows of the log where you and your son can sit side by side at the very back which is a wider seat, and your daughter in the seat right in front. My 4 yr old son rides side by side on that back row with either myself or his Dad and it works perfect for us.

Frontierland: Only potential issue is Big Thunder. Would be similar to Space where the CM might let your daughter go in the row in front of you but then she would be by herself on that row through Big Thunder. And that one scares riding with my son mostly because it’s just one lap belt for the two of us.

Toontown: Gadget’s coaster they will most likely let your daughter sit in the row in front since she’s at the top end of the age group it caters to. And Roger Rabbit’s you would probably be able to squish into one vehicle.

Now onto DCA:

Hollywood Land & Grizzly Peak: Shouldn’t have any issues. Monster’s might be a close fit with 3 of you, but shouldn’t be anything too squished.

Carsland: Zero issues here. You’ll fit all on one Mater’s tractor and the Racers ride is three across for you to enjoy with them both!

Paradise Pier: Toy Story your son would have to lap ride or squish with you and there’s only two shooting mechanisms so one of you would have to not play the game. Also, Jumpin Jellyfish you might not be able to do unless the CM allows your daughter to ride in the seats directly next to you & your son’s joined seats. Goofy’s may be an issue if they don’t let your daughter sit int he seat in front of you & your son’s. But the rest shouldn’t be a problem on the pier.

Bugsland: The bumper cars will be your only obstacle here. You definitely all won’t fit in one and I’m not sure if they’ll be open to allowing your daughter her own. May be different being that it’s in a totally younger crowd geared experience. Heimlich’s you can only sit two to a row but I’ve had a CM let my two kids ride in front of me together so I would ask if your kids can ride together in front of you (your mileage may vary on the response, but I feel like the whole of Bugsland is more relaxed especially if your kids are on the older end of the Bugsland scene.

Hope this helps you plan out what you’ll be trying out and helps set some expectations!

Wow Thank you Lolabear for that it was exactly what i was trying to gauge. This should help a bunch and appreciate your time to go into such detail to help out. Thank you

This blog post will help you! It helped me - I’m taking my 3 kids by myself in April.