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So excited! My first DL trip is less than a week away! I can’t wait to see what the west coast has to offer. While I am sad that I won’t be able to ride the Matterhorn, or see World of Color, it’s just something to look forward to NEXT time! I am like a kid on Christmas Eve! (yeah, yeah…a really OLD kid, but you know what I mean!)


There really is SO much to do & really Matterhorn is just a really wild, bumpy ride & World of Color just movies on water :wink: But I do hope you come back. While Disneyland cannot even begin to compare in size to the World, in this case, size doesn’t matter. The charm of the original park is palpable. Plus DCA has a LOT of top headliners all together 1 park plus some seriously awesome underrate attractions (Monsters Inc, Animation Academy, Redwood Creek Challenge Trail).

It’s funny, the Matterhorn thing. The only reason I care is that in every book I’ve read since I was little, or any TV show or movie,the characters always “go to Disneyland and ride the Matterhorn” LOL. I am so excited for all the other things (that you mentioned) that don’t exist in Florida. And of course, I told my grandson that I am going solely to check it out for HIM, to see if it’s someplace he’d like to go. :grinning:

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If you enjoy macaroons and coconut or just Instagram-worthy photos, then get yourself a Matterhorn Macaroon found at Jolly Holiday Cafe. It’ll be better than a ride! It is such a cool icon of Disneyland & while the ride is a great one, it is definitely among the first I am happy to skip as it isn’t the smoothest!

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