Single Day Ticket - Refund

So my Mother in Law and her husband have purchased a single day ticket to come down the week we will be at WDW, however, now they are starting to fall on tough financial times and are thinking it’s a bad idea for them to come. We can’t cover all their expenses. I have the tickets are nonrefundable so what options would they have? I thought about buying the tickets from them but I don’t know when we would use just a one day ticket since we live 6.5 hours away. Thank you!

I believe you can “upgrade” a ticket. So, even though they are 1-day, when you get there, you can just pay the difference between that and the multi-day. So, if you would go for 5 days, you can just pay the difference between the five day and the 1 day. I’ve not done it, just read of people who have.

People have reported that sometimes non-refundable is not written in stone - is probably worth it for her to make a phone call and explain her situation, you never know.

When we had a health emergency with my wife a few years ago, they were very accommodating when we called close to the trip.