Singing in Stave Church?

My parents are touring Epcot today and were wondering what to see. Was there ever a time that a group of singers performed in the Stave Church? If so, with the dawning of FEA changes, does that still happen? I was going to tell them they should definitely check that out because of our Scandinavian heritage and I recall that the acoustics are amazing…but now that I’m trying to find information on it, I am coming up with zilch. This is leading me to believe I’ve made it all up in my head and it was never really a “thing” that you might see on the Times Guide. :rofl: Please tell me I’m not losing it!

That place is so small I’m not sure you could fit a group of anything in there. I bet it would be cool though.

I’d be curious to know if this was a thing in the past.


Oh dear, that’s not good. It means I’m cracking! :wink: