Simple questions from a novice

I am novice to WDW. I am planning a trip for me, my sister & her 2yo in Nov. Our FP+ opens in Sept. My sister doesn’t have a Disney account; I bought her tickets, booked resort, MBs, etc. First question, can I book her FP+s also?

Second question: 2yo is 39" so most thrill rides (40" +) are out. She also, remarkably, is not interested in princesses for the most part (she’s old school–Mickey, Dumbo, Pooh, etc). She’s been to Disneyland, so we know that she likes the classics (Dumbo, PP, Small World, Carrousel, Tea Cups, Haunted Mansion, Pirates, jungle Cruise, etc.).

What recommendations for FP+ would you have for MK only for 3 days? Don’t worry about times, just which rides?

I’m on the fence about 7Dmt for someone so young. The coaster in Disneyland’s Toontown is the only coaster of any kind that she’s been on. Advice?

She’s having a character meal at Chef Mickey’s, so we don’t have to use any for meeting characters, either.

First, yes, you can make all the fast passes by linking all the tickets on your MDE account. You’ll add your sister & niece to your profile and make all fast passes as a group.

Might be easier to list what to avoid!
Big Thunder

I’d fast pass Peter Pan, Jungle Cruise, Pirates, Haunted Mansion for sure.
You may also consider Aladdin, Small World, Little Mermaid and Pooh for fast passes.

Thank you!
So if the tickets are linked (2 yo doesn’t have a ticket, too little), and I booked the MBs, then we should be good, right?

Do you think 7Dmt might be a bit too much for her? She is a daredevil, but I don’t want her to get hurt.

I would FP 1 adult for Space, Splash, 7DM, & BTM and use rider swap. On each day use 2 FP aimed at your niece, and 1 FP which is two rides for the adults with rider swap. You don’t need to use your rider swap then.

We took our DS4 on 7DMT on his first trip. I think she should be fine, it’s a cross between a dark ride with lovely animatronics, and a mild coaster, like the Barnstormer. I will say, when the train took off, my DS4 bumped the back of his head on the seat pretty hard, enough to make him cry. Just make sure she is firmly seated with her head against the seat back when the ride starts (he was leaning way forward and it took him by surprise) and there’s no way she can get hurt.