Silver Dollar City

We’re heading to Silver Dollar City with extended family in two weeks. It will be 8 adults and 7 kids (ages: 13 to 8 and a 4-year-old). Two of the kids have autism, so minimizing waits is important. All of the kids love rides and will tolerate a few shows. We only have one day to tour. Any tips, tricks, or touring ideas would be appreciated.

Definitely do Marvel Cave. It was one of our favorite parts. But since you have only a single day, be advised that the tour is lengthy. You might pick a time during the heat of the day to do it so that you are in the coolness of underground. And you might want to have something to thrown on, since it can feel chilly in caves (I think it averages about 60 degrees).

Hard to estimate what waits might be. We went during a lower crowd time.

It is a beautiful, unique place. It is a shame you only have a day. If you can add another day, I’d try to. If you can’t, that’s okay. You just won’t get through everything.

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I think I started a subject about airfryers and Instant pots a little earlier. I was told I should have put it in another section. Just say’n

Be sure to ride Time Traveler. One of my fave coasters. I’ll be in Branson from June 14-21, too. Can’t wait.

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the trick is to briefly mention Disney as slightly related. Kind of like the old “let’s talk business for a few seconds so we can bill this meal to the company”

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My boys especially like BTMRR. Are there any similar coasters at SDC? [check - bill to company :grinning:]. One last question. Is the SDC app worth a look? I’ve noticed that most smaller theme park apps are fairly useless. Now… I’ll let this thread die a natural death. Thanks for the help.

Be advised that SDC is VERY hilly. Very. Also can be a challenge to navigate.

Take time to see the artisans there! We especially like the glass blowing and candy making. Also, the man who chops with a hand axe to make beams for log cabins…his precision is just WOW.

Shows are wonderful…if they are offered, take them.

You can buy cups to do cheap refills on drinks.

Try the Skillet Meals!

Also regarding the cave: if claustrophobia is an issue for anyone, you may want to skip.

Oh, and make sure to ride Fire in the Hole. It’s cheesy but is to SDC what things like Tiki Room and Carousel of Progress are to WDW. Classic.

Oh, and the Saloon show! You will want to line up early but it’s a great place to get snacks and drinks and see a fun show.

Yes, I agree. I was told I was transferred to La Cava because it wasn’t WDW related. What the heck is La Cava other than a chad site. Sorry I thought it was a Spanish site myself and I don’t do chat not even in Spanish. Personally I couldn’t care less if you posted here but the powers that be decided otherwise so I was just trying to point this out. Many many posts have had little to no relation to WDW but they have been posted here without a hitch.

I’m surprised no one has mentioned Outlaw Run. It’s certainly not suitable for the 4 year old and might be too thrilling for the 8’s and 9’s range, but it is a fantastic coaster. And if you get to ride it at night, it’s even better. Wildfire and Powder Keg are also quite good, though Powder Keg has reliability and capacity issues.

SDC is very hilly. I think rope drop works well here. Look at the website for ride descriptions. Outlaw Run is prob my sister’s fav but her granddaughter prefers Fire in the Hole. The both love the Barn Swing, I think it’s called. I’d no more do that than Tower of Terror.
We usually eat at the pizza place.
If you’re going mid-week you might have lower crowds.
Be advised Missouri is in a long term rainy system. Have a back up plan to depart the park if storms are approaching. A good weather app is probably your best choice for apps. If it weren’t for the current weather, I’d recommend after 3, next day free.
We usually like to go at Christmas, see the lights and A Christmas Carol. SDC can be quite hot midday in the summer.