Silver 90 Day Activity Booking Experience

We’re going on a 7-Day eastern caribbean cruise in November with 3 sea days. Yesterday was my first time booking as a silver castaway club member and in case anyone finds it useful, below is what availability was like.

  • I was not able to get a Palo brunch, although a couple of silvers in our cruise group reported that they did. I had to reload and login again, and then it took me a minute to remember where to look for dining (it’s under my plans, add activities, and dining is a separate choice but I clicked onboard fun and wondered why I couldn’t see dining :woman_facepalming:). I am going to keep checking in the hope I catch a cancellation.
  • I did get a Remy dessert experience.
  • There was availability for Remy brunch or dinner and Palo dinner.
  • I was able to get the excursions I wanted for our 2 port days.
  • There seemed like lots available for Castaway Cay activities. Someone in our group mentioned they couldn’t get the stingrays. The glass bottom boat was available, but I decided not to book it as we are doing something similar on a port day.
  • Seems like there are lots of tastings available, but mixology is booked most days.
  • There is mostly mornings available at Bibbidi Bobbidi now (I didn’t check yesterday).
  • There’s still availability for Royal Court Royal Tea.
  • The 50-minute couples massage is gone on several days. I did get one of these, but we’re not sure whether we actually want to go for a massage at 8 am so I’m debating on this one. It seemed like there was availability for most of the other spa offerings.
  • There’s still availability for the golf and sports simulators.

Thanks this is helpful! Such a bummer about Palo brunch.

I had read that they were changing how they were booking spa services and that you would just book a time slot and then they would decide on your actual service at the time of service. But I guess this wouldn’t work for couples because they need to staff plus a special room.

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I read that too, but it didn’t seem to be how they were booking the couples appointments. I guess I’ll keep an eye out in case options change and I can get a better timeslot.

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When I booked I initially couldn’t find Palo brunch on a sea day but did find one on a port day. Keep checking if it’s something you really want.

Thanks, I’m going to stalk the website until they close reservations right before we sail :laughing: