Silly Husband and need some help planning our full day at Epcot

We have a trip scheduled, Sept 22nd till the 29th, for me, DH and DD age 5. DH and DD have never been to Epcot before and I have a feeling its going to be DH favorite. Funny conversation the other day with DH. I do ALL of the planning but wanted some input from hubby. We were talking about what dining at Epcot and the Eat to the Beat concerts. DH had a crazy look on his face. I asked him what he was thinking and he asked me how big is that Epcot ball? IDK, pretty big, why? Long story short, DH thought all of Epcot was INSIDE Spaceship Earth! Yep, he’s definitely in for a surprise.

Any way, we had a full day scheduled for Epcot as far as FPs go. We do have hoppers and plan on stopping by Epcot many times during our trip to take advantage of F&W. On our full day we currently have breakfast scheduled for Garden Grill at 10am. What FPs should I try for? I have never been on Soaring but was thinking of getting that done before breakfast. So then there’s Frozen and TT. I was hoping of maybe doing the Frozen dessert party with Illuminations, but is that still going on in late September? On the website, it’s only showing to the end of August. What’s a good game plan for these 3 top attractions? I have until July 24th to make my FPs, but kinda stumped on my plans for this day.


Not the first time I have heard this. It must be really, really big in some people’s minds. :smiley:


I would be surprised if they don’t continue the Frozen desert party. The new show will be starting in September, and I’m sure they’ll have it up soon.

A recurring problem with TT is that it goes down quite frequently. So if you get an FP, at least if it goes down you’ll be able to ride it later with an anytime FP, or use the anytime FP for something else.

Spaceship Earth gets long lines building through the morning, as everyone coming in after park opening goes there first. I always get an FP for it, and amongst the tier2 FPs it’s a decent choice.

The character spot meet and greet is back to tier2; worth it perhaps if you intend to do it. Nemo can usually be got as a 4th FP pretty easily, but I believe Tales with Crush is popular. Or Imagination.

OK, I’m no help, I’ve just suggested four tier2 FPs lol! :joy:

You have a DD5, so I’m thinking your tier 1 should be Frozen. I would have said TT, otherwise.

We do TT, then also RD TT (teen boys for me), but this year TT was down at RD, so we quickly changed course and went to Frozen. It was nice. We’d never done it before. Then, it was Soarin’ next. Not too crazy when done just after RD. We did a FP for SE and Figment (because I like Figment!)

No you did give me some things to think about. I’m leaning towards TT as my Tier 1, RD soarin and cross fingers for Frozen dessert party. I’m glad you mentioned the tier 2s, this kinda completes my list then.

If we stick to the plan, in addition to the one full day at there, I have a penciled in to be at Epcot at least 2 more times during the week. I’m sure it will all work out. We are planning a pretty go-with-the-flow vacay, just working around our Dining plans and make our 3 FPs as early as we can. This will be my 14th time in DW, but only DH and DD second. Our first trip together was not so great so we just want to have fun together, see what we see and enjoy ourselves.

You can often get Soarin as a 4th FP too so that might be helpful on one of your other days at Epcot.
Also TP has a youtube video about RD both Frozen and Soarin and neither group waited that long for the 2nd attraction, so if you’re at the front of the RD group and moving quickly, you might be able to get both attractions in without much of a wait. That might be a good backup for you if they never end up scheduling more Frozen dessert parties for September.

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Is FEA open at park opening, or does it still open one hour later with WS? I haven’t been to Epcot in four years so please excuse if this is a dumb question. :slight_smile:

FEA and the rest of the Norway pavilion (food and Anna/Elsa m&g) open with the park. There’s a rope at the end of the pavilion until 11 just like in France.

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Oh my sweet summer child…