Signing up for Jedi Training

If we get to HS around 10:30am-11am April 5th on a crowd level 4/10, is there any chance that we will be able to sign up for Jedi Training? We are flying in that morning so cannot hit RD.

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There will be little chance, honestly. But there’s always hope.

We were there pre-rope drop about 2 weeks ago and the earliest spot we could get was the 1:40 slot. I think if the park has been open for even an hour, it’ll all be gone.

The only thing you can do is try. The sign ups now are right past the 50’s Prime Time cafe, at the little Indiana Jones gift shop. This was different from the last time we went and it may be different yet when you get there in April. Knowing exactly where to sign up is half the battle!

I do believe there is some sort of waitlist, too. As in, if a kid doesn’t show up for their slot in time, your kid can take it. I’m not sure how that works, but it’s worth checking into. Also, I have heard reports of there being occasional openings available past rope drop, especially with the expanded number of kids each show can handle now. A Tuesday with a crowd level of 4 might have hope of that. Good luck!

thanks, two years ago we had got two spots later in the day because people cancelled so we can always hope pixie dust will rain on our trip!

My son just did this last week. We arrived a half hour before rope drop on a crowd level 4 day. As soon as the gates opened, people started running toward the sign up area. So we ran too. We got there and stood in line for about 20 min to sign up. We got a 2:40 slot, but there were others. The line behind us was very long when we got through. I can’t imagine there would be any spots left by 10am. But like others have said, you never know. From our experience it was intense for sure. Good luck to you :slight_smile:

I just read somewhere that the new show doubles the amount of children that can be in the show so there is always hope!

You genuinely never know. We were there on a CL 9 day in July, arrived just before 9 when the park had been open 15 minutes, no queue and they were still signing up for the first show. We asked for the 10.10 show, and while we were waiting to be taken to the stage we could hear that they were still signing up for the 12.20 show. We really lucked out. I don’t think we will be so lucky next time!

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