Signing up for FP+ on MDE tips

I am signing up for my FP+s through MDE tomorrow and am wondering if there are any tips you have out there.
I also have a couple of questions.

  1. Do I have to sign up for FPs my first day of vacation first, and do I have to sign up for every fast pass first?
    (For example, I’m going to Epcot on day 1, but I am wondering if it would be better to sign up for the 3 mountains at MK 1st - but I don’t go there until day 5 of my vacation. Or, could I sign up for all the popular rides and then go back and get FPs for the ones that should be easier to get - or does that just waist time?)

  2. Is it better to sign my family of 5 up for the same FPs and times and then switch the 2-3 that will want to ride another ride (for example, my dh and dd do not want to ride the mountains. They’ll be going to Little Mermaid and Belle rides.)

Thank you for your help!

It sounds like you are going to be down at WDW the same time frame my wife and I will be there.

What I have seen on here and have also done, sometimes, is to go after the hardest ones first, such as FOP, 7DMT, BTMR, FEA, Soarin’, Test Track and then go back an fill in the rest.

I will say that on our upcoming trip, I just went in order of the days that we were going into the parks - I did 3/10, than 3/11, then 3/12 and so forth. I already had the touring plan for each day planned out and printed out so that I could make any changes if needed, which there were a few and some minor changes to the times. It worked this way too.

Hope this helps and hope you have a wonderful vacation

Do the most popular rides first - FOP, SDD, FEA, 7DMT - and then fill in the other days. Yes to save time I’d just get everyone a FP for whichever ride is going to be more difficult to get, and then switch later to the less difficult ride. Most you won’t have any trouble with at 60 days though.


I have noticed that we’ll be there about the same time. Thank you for answering my questions! I’ve had a lot today.

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Thanks again for the help!

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It is no problem. Sometimes I can be on like I am, other times, due to working road construction and in late spring, Summer and fall, it gets a bit harder. I try to help when I can. If I can help with anything else, please feel free to ask.

Hope things went well this morning!

It went very well this morning! Thanks everyone for the advice! I got FOP FPPs! I went to get those first, & I’m glad I did because all they had were late afternoon & evening times. Since I have an ADR in the evening, I was able to get the last of the late afternoon passes. I pretty much got all the FPs I wanted. Some of the times are a little off, but only a few. Just got to adjust my plans :slight_smile: