Signia Bonnet Creek - Mini Van….etc

Have reservations at Signia BC coming up at the end of the month. This is our first trip to WDW without our now adult children. (Last trip was honeymoon - 30 years in June) so decided to not stay onsite.
Now 3 weeks out, starting to question the offsite decision.

A few questions:

  1. Any insight into the shuttle from BC to the parks?
    a. How often do they run?
    b. Do they stop at every park on each trip? (Order of . stops?)
    C. Do they stop at DS area?
    We are going to use ride share for RD ea day.
  2. Do Minnie vans (MVs) run to / from Signia BC?
  3. What is best way to get to rope drop at IG if using MVs, Uber or Lyft?

Edit to add two more:

  1. How does EMH work for Signia? Do I ask at front desk for pass or does room/digital key work?
  2. Can we use other Disney transportation?
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Welcome to the forum!

As of today, Minivans only service Disney owned resorts and parks.

The best plan is a Lyft/Uber to Swan/Dolphin and then a short walk to IG. There is no guarantee you will get past the gate guard at BC:YC/BW.

Yes, you can use any form of Disney transportation.

And welcome to the forum.

I stayed at Signia in March for a work conference. I can’t remember the shuttle schedule, but I think it was like once an hour and whether it stopped at one or multiple parks could depend on demand. I never took the shuttle cause I had limited time in the parks and didn’t want to be beholden to their schedule. So I took Uber/Lyft.

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We stayed In February of this year, and exclusively used the shuttles. The current schedule is here:
…and is updated on this website each day. We only used them to rope drop twice. Once, Magic Kingdom, we took the earliest shuttle to TTC, and ferried to MK. We got there in plenty of time for Early Entry rope drop. The second time, we took the earliest shuttle to Hollywood Studios(which opened 1 hr earlier than Epcot that day), then walked to rope drop the international gateway. That worked well, but was dependent on park hours. The ride share to swan would work just as well. As long as your reservation is linked in MDE, you will be good to go for early entry.
ETA: The shuttles do make multiple stops, but it seemed like this was more prevalent in the shuttles in the evening coming back from the parks. There were a couple of times where we ended up going to all 4 parks before making it back. The shuttle also stops briefly at the Waldorf Astoria next door after picking up at the Signia every time.

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