Sides at table service on dining plan?

I just booked our July vacation and am sitting down to make dining reservations.

I’m noticing that the ‘entree’ items at most places are just that…pasta or a steak or something and sides are listed an priced separately.

I haven’t been in 10 years and can’t remember…will we be able to order a side dish as part of that entree? Will it be included in the dining plan credit or cost extra?


I’m curious which restaurants you’re looking at. In my experience, most meals include some kind of side, not just pasta or steak.

Here are a few examples:


Tutto Italia

Be Our Guest

Suffice to say that I would say those meals which price things a la carte are in the far minority. I’m wondering about Le Cellier as the only one I can think of; perhaps Shula’s? You’ll be full and then some!


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The only restaurant I can think of that may not include a full plate is Shula’s? I am sure there may be one or two more but I can’t think of any .


I’m wondering if @jengregory is looking at menus from another site that just lists the actual name of the entrees, rather than the description?