Sickness. Need to wrap my family in a bubble!

We are a week out from our trip and everyone around us keeps getting sick!!! Keep fuming inside when parents tell me “my son/daughter just got diagnosed with (insert various illnesses here)”. Why are your kids in school or at practice? I know I’m overreacting but I am panicking that we will get sick and have to cancel our very carefully planned trip.

I hear ya!

Funny you mention it. DH is banning the kids from going anywhere but daycare for 2 weeks before our trip. TBH, I’m not worried about a cold. They’ll get by. I also think the Florida sun works wonders for helping.

A few years back I had a bad cold at the start of a cruise and my runny nose stop instantly upon arrival in Miami.

Colds don’t worry me. I had a cold the last trip and I was totally fine.

So far this week we have been exposed things that cause fever for days and are very contagious. One of them could get us banned from flying because it has a visible rash and is very contagious

You should contact this family to see where they got their bubble from:


Yikes! Good luck.

I can’t resist - a cold never bothered me anyway.


Just let it go.


Hahaha!! Thank you…needed a laugh!!

I’m the one with the bad pink eye.

We leave 4/7 and my daughter has one of those colds that includes a fever. I woke up with the cold today, and I am thinking about using my husband’s toothbrush so he gets it over with before the trip.

I am kidding. Mostly. But Typhoid Mary is looking good right now…

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You made me laugh out loud!!!

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Personally, I use elderberry syrup 1 to 3 times a day 1 to 2 weeks before a vacation and during the vacation. During the vacation I make sure everyone uses hand sanitizer before putting anything in their months. Sometimes I add probiotics to the regimen. Once my child got diarrhea 1 day before our trip. I got a strong probiotic and she was fine the next day.

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My biggest worry before any trip!

This stuff is my go to…kills all the bugs.

Good stuff!

Plus, honestly, the trip to WDW is where the most germs lurk (especially if you’re going by plane, but also rest stops and gas stations). For that I use Wet Ones, because the combined mechanism of an actual physical wipe plus the antibacterial is very effective.

I don’t care if I get raised eyebrows on the flight, I wipe down every surface including the tray table and seatbelt latch. If DH is not with me, I just inform my seatmate I have a suppressed immune system (which is true). But more than one fight attendant has told me it’s an awesome idea, and that they do it, too. Since I started doing this, I never get sick on trips.


My husband and I both got what I now think was food poisoning the week before we left, and I spent the whole week panicking that it was some kind of contagious flu that was going to strike down the kids right before we left. It was incredibly stressful.


It’s amazing how many people around you start looking with a more critical eye to their own seat backs and tray tables when you start wiping down your own.

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I hear you! We got a letter and phone call from my kiddo’s school today that someone at school has the mumps! There is a big outbreak at a local college but I am still freaked out.

I do this too. The one and only time that I didn’t wipe everything down once I got on the plane
(because I felt self-conscious for some reason), I came down with a terrible fever/cold on day 5 of my solo Disney trip. I ended up being sick for 6 weeks. I have a suppressed immune system too (I have lupus and have been on immunosuppressive medications for years) and I am learning not to care if I get weird looks. Last time I flew, I also used Wet Ones on my purse, cell phone, tablet, and laptop cover after going through security at the airport . . . those bins are disgusting! :mask:

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I start taking Airborne a couple of days before a trip and all through it. The zinc helps provide defense against cold bugs (though not flu), and if you do get something it helps your body fight it.

I bet we take some of the same medicines. I’m super vigilant about cuts & scrapes, too. The least little thing and I’ll be on antibiotics within days. It’s ridiculous but it’s what we have to do. It’s also why I don’t go on large cruise ships at all, and can’t go to some of the more exotic parts of the world.

Anyway, I went to Italy with 4 friends, and did my usual thing with the wipes. They did, too, but one forgot to do her tray table. She got pretty sick and it had become pneumonia by the time we got back, although she, too, is more susceptible because she has diabetes.

People like us just cannot be too careful. Others might get sick some the time, we’re likely to get sick every time. I don’t care what people think any more about my neurotic habits!

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