Shuttles for EE from DS hotels?

Taking shuttles for EE from DS hotels? Anyone have experience with this? Can you make it to EE early enough to be near the front? Should you just plan to call Uber/Lyft? Would you lose a lot of time because (for MK) you’d have to go through TTC?

I saw a decent price on hotwire for a DS hotel and see it has morning EE. I’m wondering how the shuttles from those hotels work out? The last (only) time we stayed off property, I ended up really disliking the shuttles; but is DS an exception to that?

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I’d ask at the front desk the night before. Each hotel will vary.

I’d plan on Uber/Lyft if the shuttle isn’t appearing by 90 minutes prior to ETPE.

If you want to be one of the first, you’ll need to arrive at the park entrance (taps) an hour prior to ETPE.

A Touring Plans Lines Chat user created a spreadsheet of exact times folks were getting into the parks/leaving resorts, etc.

Len created a link to the spreadsheet Lines chat users were taking/arriving/tapping in, etc.

It’s in the ‘22 UG as well!

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Pulled the trigger on the change and we will see how it goes. The Wyndham isn’t on the spreadsheet but Mears drops off/picks up there and several other DS area hotels. I’ll plan to call Lyft and just be pleasantly surprised if the shuttle schedule is early enough.