My wife and I were watching a Food Vlog about the Swan and Dolphin resorts, and they mentioned a steakhouse in the Dolphin called Shula’s. Doing further looking, it seems a LOT of people say it is the best steakhouse on all of Disney property even though it isn’t actually owned/operated by Disney.

A few questions about this:

  1. Can you get/do you need an ADR for Shula’s?
  2. Would you agree (if you’ve tried it) that it is the best (or at least one of the best) steak places?
  3. Would we look like complete cheapskates to go there and split a steak? Usually, I’ll eat a 6 or 8 oz steak plus a side. My wife never eats more than a 6 oz. So, I could see us easily splitting the 16 oz New York Strip and then each of us getting a side.

ETA: The theming we don’t care about…neither of us care two hoots about sports.

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  1. You can book an ADR at Shula’s through Disney. But you can also make a “normal” reservation through Opentable or, likely, calling the Restaurant directly, which will give you a reservation without WDW ADR cancellation histrionics

  2. I have never eaten at SHulas at WDW. I ate at one in Ft. Lauderdale. It was good. It has been a minute, but I don’t recall it being either earthshatteringly awesome, or terrible (just like much of WDW food - HAHAHA). It is your standard old school - wood paneling-type steakhouse.

  3. I don’t think so. My DW and I split large steaks all the time. Order what you want. Nobody needs a 16 oz steak (mind you, I CAN eat one, I just don’t need it. :slight_smile: )

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A lot of ppl will say it’s the best steakhouse on property BECAUSE it isn’t owned/operated by Disney.
The Swolphin places don’t play into the whole ADR farce. Sure, you might be able to make an ADR in MDE, but you might wanna make a reservation on Opentable, if possible, to avoid the cancellation fee if they enforce it. I’ve never been to Shula’s, but I am not unfamiliar with some of the other Swolphin restaurants, and as plenty of ppl will attest, they have some pretty decent spots, that may offer way more bang for the buck than the DIsney restaurants. AJ at Disney Food Blog just did a review of the Swolphin joints, and was pretty favorable, to say it mildly. No Dining Plan, though.

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But they do participate in Tables in Wonderland (as of now) if that is a consideration.


Quote of the day, so far. Love it!

  1. We’ve had ADRs for every visit, though we probably could have gotten by without them. Better safe than sorry.

  2. The only thing we have to compare to is one abismal experience at Le Cellier. Shula’s is good, but pricey. Can’t say how it ranks against all other steaks on the property.

  3. I don’t know whether you’d come off looking cheap or not. If it doesn’t bother you don’t sweat what others think. Fair warning, the sides are portion enough for two.

I couldn’t care less for the theming either, but it’s a good steak. Plus, if you finish the 48 oz porterhouse they’ll put your name on the wall and on their website.

Oh, well then, I’m totally going! :wink:

Um. 48 oz? As I said, 8 oz. is enough for me! :slight_smile:

So, really we could split the steak AND a side. Would make going a lot cheaper, for sure!

You only have to do it once. The achievement is yours forever.

Yep. Forever attached to my waistline! :smiley:

Untilyou get pancreatitis and die!