Shuffle days? What would you do?

So like any good Liner, I’ve had everything all planned out for months. Then Disney changed opening hours and suddenly I don’t know what to do.

The original plan: rest day (or possibly Typhoon Lagoon) on March 5, AK day on March 8.

The twist: Disney moved the AK opening hours and early entry now starts at 7am. My kids are early risers but they’re not 5am early risers.

The thought: switch our rest day and the AK day

The pros: Touring Plans has AK at a CL5 on the 5th and a 9 on the 8th. The park opens half an hour later which makes it more feasible for us to be able to rope drop FoP and then do Safari, the only two rides we really care about, which means we could skip the ILL and the Genie+ we’d probably have to buy otherwise, saving $100.

The cons: it means we go 5 days, then a break day, then a park day, then another break day. It also means both our pool days are at the Poly instead of one at CBR and one at the Poly (I’ve never stayed at either, this might be a pro?). I have a 6:20 Homecomin’ reservation on the 5th that we might be able to still do, although I could also set a reservation finder to move it to the 8th (and just in case I just made a Wine Bar George reservation for the 8th, because it looks amazing, although possibly less kid friendly?).


Open AK on the 5th, do what you can by 11:30, noon or 1pm when you leave to hang at the pool.

Hmm - didn’t see the ADRs. Definitely leave AK by 11:30.

Can you switch days and also switch another day to spread out your rest days? I think your kids will probably like the Poly pool better than CBR anyway.

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I dunno - CBR is pirate themed. Just walking by, the pool area seems bigger than the Poly but I’ve only hung out at the Poly pool.

Guess @erinkippen needs to do both to give a full report. :woman_shrugging:


You know your group best. Which will they tolerate better? One super early rope drop or more touring days in a row?

I like this best


I thought about that but it gets pretty complicated pretty quickly with dining reservations…

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We did seven days in a row on our first trip, I think 5 consecutive days would be fine, especially since two of them are Epcot where we tend to go back to the resort for a while mid-day.

I think I’m convinced, I’m going to switch it up. But maybe hold onto my Homecomin’ reservation and still plan to make it over to DS for fried chicken.