Shower at BC after checkout on departure day?


Have a late flight on our departure day (9pm) and DH is concerned about getting to airport all sweaty after a day at the parks. Anyone have any experience being able to use the shower at the gym/health club? or is there a shower at the pool? any other ideas?

thanks much in advance!!


This is about Pop, not BC, but in the past we have checked out, then gone to the parks, then come back to Pop for one last swim, showered in the bathrooms that are beside the main pool, and then drove home. So as long as there is a bathhouse near the pool you should be fine...


As I understand it, you can use the resort amenities on check out day.


so there were showers in the pool bathrooms? Just confirming....thanks!


I have seen showers at Pop and POFQ, both at the main pool bathrooms. Don't know about any others from personal experience.


There's a shower and locker room at the BC/YC fitness center. Have used it hours after checkout. No problem. I think they had shampoo, etc.