Should we stay at MK on the day of MVMCP or do another first

We are going to MVMCP on November 25th and trying to decide if the crowds would be lower at another park for the day and then go over in the afternoon for the celebration or go to MK all day and night? The crowd tracker is currently showing pretty low for that day, but it has been higher. I have to book FP+ tomorrow and don’t know the best way to go! We only have 4 days on this trip. Any help on short notice would be greatly appreciated.

Where are you staying? What other days are planned? Do you want to see Illuminations?

The party goes on very late, so it might be good to take an afternoon break.

I would probably do: morning at Epcot, Party, HS one day, AK one day and then on last day, decide if you want to go back to MK all day or MK in the morning and Epcot at night.

We are going in December and are going to MK the same day as we are going to the party, crowds will be low compared to the non party days. We might take a break, probably won’t but we are 3 adults. Have fun!

Hope your FP went well! I feel like you are giving up 3 FP if you go to another park on the day of party unless you follow @AuntB_luvsDisney advice and create a dummy account for party ticket.
But then you only get 30d instead of 60d for the party FP.
We have kids and last year we went to MK before MNSSHP. We didn’t book FP for the party. Although we didn’t get to MK until lunchtime, 2 of the kids didn’t make it past 9. This year we are not going into any park before MVMCP and are going to really rest up to hopefully make it through.
So it really depends on your situation. Have fun with whatever you decided!

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I have a very similar situation for MNSSHP in October. It’s a short trip and we only have 3 1/2 days at the park. We decided to go to Epcot in am with EMH then use party ticket as a hopper to go to MK around 4. It will be a crazy long day, but that’s how we tend to do disney anyways! We’ll then do a day at AK, a day at HS and another 1/2 day at MK. You won’t lose FP for the am of the party day as long as you have a park ticket for that day also (4 day park ticket plus party for 4 day trip). I think the FP issue comes in when you aren’t using a park ticket that day. All that being said, I’ve read that MK tends to be less crowded during the day on party nights because they close early. So, if you have a lot of MK stuff you want to do and could still spend a full day at each of the other parks, that may be the way to go. You could sleep in a little and get a later start

Because the park closes early for the party, people tent to stay away so it is usually the lowest CL park for that day.
When I did the Halloween party I did go to MK on that day, because I wanted the lower crowds :slight_smile:

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Yeah I almost booked us in for MK before the party because of low crowds but I know my family wouldn’t make it through so I changed it. The day for us before the party is CL 1!

Non party days will have much higher crowd levels. I think I’d probably do another park that morning and take an afternoon break before the party, and do MK on another party day until they kick you out with no break - this of course assumes there is another party day during your stay.