Should we skip HEA from the hub?

Would you brave the crowds to watch from the hub or have dinner at CG and watch from the balcony?

We are going to the world for spring break. CL estimated to be 8 (for now) on our late MK day. Yay–spring break crowds!!
I loved HEA and really want to see it, but…
We don’t really want to spring for the dessert party for 6. I did this on my last trip and thought it was a great thing, but adding almost $400 for our family for fireworks viewing and some cupcakes is a bit steep. I have also watched from CG and while you can’t see the castle projections, it was still a good experience.
Also, we will have 2 kids 8 and 9 who won’t be able to see over the masses and are too big to pick up and two teenage boys who will not be thrilled to camp out in a spot for more than an hour for “fireworks”. :roll_eyes:

What would you do? Will we survive if we don’t see it from the park? And if watch in park, do you have any tips?

If you are okay missing the projections, I think watching the fireworks from behind the castle is lovely. We happened upon. photo pass photographer in front of the Beast’s castle who captured some great photos of us with the Beast’s castle and fireworks exploding in the background. That area also had very low traffic so watching was super easy. I am always in awe of the projections, especially at the end when all of the stained glass images appear; however, it is the music that really gets me each time and you will hear that throughout the park.

You won’t see the projections from CG. If you really want to see the “show” and not just the FW from an off-center distance, you really need to be somewhere on MS. Are your kids up for a signature dinner at CG?

Have you asked the 8 and 9 year old whether they’d rather experience the big fireworks with an obstructed castle view or see them in the distance while you eat dinner? If they didn’t want to wait a long time for a less-than-optimal fireworks show, I’d lean towards CG. If they seemed enthusiastic about the show despite the wait, crowds, and obstructed views then I’d lean towards going.

Can the teens go off together to enjoy some low(er) crowds in the park and meet you after the fireworks are done?


Most of what happens is above crowd level.

I just replied earlier in another thread - preparing for shows - and gave my thoughts there. I would see it from the hub. You’re worried about the kids not seeing everything - and the only thing they would maybe struggle to see is some of the projections (I would argue it’s no issue) but they for sure won’t see any of that from CG.

Good point. They haven’t yet seen night shows at WDW except for fireworks at MVMCP–so either way, it will probably be impressive to them. Ah, to be little again.

Thanks for the suggestion. If things are too crazy, this is definitely an option I wouldn’t have thought of.

3 of the 4 would really enjoy it. The fourth perhaps would require an ipad or something for the slow pace, but I’m ok with that for a single dinner during our trip.

Thanks–you and others have very contrasting experiences. Hope for the best, expect the worst. Do you think 30 min is fine to stake out a spot if we are willing to then be shoulder to shoulder in the hub?

That has been our experience, yes.

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I guess - and this is not meant to offend anyone, honestly - it has been my experience that by and large, excepting huge and glaring errors in service delivery, most people get what they expect at WDW. If a person goes in summer and expects to be miserable because of the exceptional heat and high crowds, they usually are. If a different set of people goes during that same time and expects to have an amazing, magical time, they usually will too.

Probably carries into life overall. Perspective is everything.


I agree, I will amend my previous statement to “Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, and accept nothing less than magical” :wink:


That’s the way to do it! That’s how I approach life. I’m always prepared for worst case scenario, but I never expect it to happen, because LIFE IS GOOD!


So well said. Your attitude is responsible for much in life.