Should we go to park with EMH?

I am planning a trip in late January, I’m wondering if I should visit parks with EMHs or avoid them? We did not get a park hopper, crowd levels are 6 or lower each day.

Last year I was there nov 1-6 and avoided them. Worked out well that time of year. I’m deciding about my Spring trip strategy!

We just came back and did EMH 5 days in a row, all 5 parks (MK twice) and it was WELL worth it. The park was practically empty in some parts and we were able to stay on rides and ride twice. That being said, the park crowd levels were 1-3.

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IMHO – It depends on if you are willing to commit to RD at the EMH park. If you will get to the EMH park 30+ minutes before it starts and take advantage of the low crowds I recommend it. It’s going to be a bit more crowded than usual about 2 hours after regular park opening. If you’ll plan out those first 3 hours and hit all your must-do attractions – even if that means crisscrossing the park – you’ll be fine. Then you can see the first shows, which won’t be busy yet, while everyone who is arriving will be going to the rides you’ve completed. You can start riding attractions again once people start leaving for mid-day breaks & etc… around 2p – 3pm.

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Thanks for the input! What about evening EMH, do you recommend that also or are you just talking morning EMH?

I just did EEMH and it was really worth it. That said, not sure how much having just one park with EMH affects crowd levels, if that park becomes more crowded for the day enough to negate the effect of EMH

This, 100%.

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Just got back from the World, and we did EMH or EEMH almost every day. We did ride really a lot of rides during the extra hours, but I think that was (in part) because they had multiple parks with the early hours each day. Our strategy on previous trips was to avoid the EMH park, and it served us well. When they go back to one park on the EMH per day, I think it would be my preference to avoid that park, and do a pretty solid RD for a different park. The EMH and especially EEMH really wore us out.

I was referring to morning EMH. In regards to night time EMH - those I do tend to avoid. Those are the parks people will “camp” out in all day + people will hop over to them after other places are closing.