Should we get rid of the 20 char limit?

I foresee a lot of posts that are just:




Agreed. I tried to respond “no” to a yes or no question and ended up having to say No and then basically repeat the question, forming a complete sentence like I was taught to do in first grade.

So there is a minimum 20 characters per post?? @MouseDeprivedUntil19

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Yes. Or drop it down to 10 or so. Enough to write Thanks.

I think 10 would be good. There is no need for the sfl here.

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Yeah, but not for long apparently @Camsdad. And @Armadillo_Alert, I was able to post a pic in another thread without a character limit. WOO HOO

@mousedepriveduntil19, I am having a hard time.uploading from my phone. Also having a hard time tagging

I had to type out your whole name because I wasn’t getting the pop up choice.

I havent tried it from my phone. let me try to upload one and tag someone in the same post…

FYI I am using an iPad and I do get the pop up @Armadillo_Alert

I have a Galaxy S5. I’be found it to be troublesome with a few other apps I have too.

That’s a lot of typing, Michelle… I’m just going to switch it to MDU since the whole thing doesn’t show up here anyway. i have to ask @Lentesta first if I will still be able to log in here once I do though. And I can’t upload a pic from my phone. Galaxy S4

Just tested my iPhone and the tag option pops up on it.

My phone doesn’t like the Lines app layout either.

I like the limit. There is very little of value that can be added to a conversation in less than 20 characters. I also get stabby when I see replies like:

and all the other crap that you can now do with the actual functionality of the software.