Should we bother with Downtown Disney?

Me, DH, and DS3 will be taking the bus from AOA. I’m hearing that DTD is a big mess with all of the construction; walls up everywhere, etc. I enjoy window shopping but we won’t be doing that long with a toddler in tow. At most we would probably eat dinner and maybe check out Disney Quest. I’m on the fence.

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I am not really a DTD fan, but would say that with DS3 you would have a ball at the lego store (he can build n test a car!), and at the toy store where you can get tons of Mr Potato Head pieces – stuff that box full! Disney Quest might be too much for a 3 yr old – but maybe you guys are into it? :slight_smile:

Nothing there is worth the hassle right now. I was just looking at current photos and ouch. What a mess and an eyesore. Go first thing in the morning if you must. That’s the easiest time to get in/out.

And really there is plenty of window shopping to do in the parks and in AoA’s cool store. You won’t miss anything big by skipping it.

We like going just to wander. Kids love the Lego store. And we use a QS credit for Wolfgang express. Makes us feel like we experienced a more fine dining option :). We don’t drive though so manage to avoid a lot if the construction hassle.

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We are going for RR dinner and the lego store! We don’t go every trip though!

I like DTD but after this last attempt I won’t go back until it cleans up a little.

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I love DTD but I probably wouldn’t bother right now, if you’re not planning to stay long anyway it’s not worth the hassle.

@Mrs_Beast, where did you see the photos? Could you post a link or point in the direction?

We will have DD2.5 and wanted to go get some of those Mr Potato head disney parts. And she would love the lego sculptures too. Everyone says it’s bad…but bad can be interpreted differently :slight_smile: Wanted to get an idea of what “bad” looks like – how bad is bad? :slight_smile: I thought parking was the biggest issue, and mostly at nights after 5:30ish and on weekends…but that could just be wishful thinking. We were thinking of a mid-week, mid-afternoon visit for a few hours. crazy idea?

If you haven’t ever been and don’t plan on getting back, then go if you have free time that you don’t want to spend in the park. I personally would not go back until it is finished. Right now, the marketplace side is ok. Going between the 2 sides is a nightmare, especially at night or weekends. I enjoy DTD, but not like this.


Helpful feedback. Was wondering the same thing and had out it in the “probably skip” list. Have heard podcasts recently that lament the current situation there. Bums me out because I love DTD but sounds best to stay wpaway for now. Thx OP for asking, and thx all for the replies.

I’m currently planning on staying a night at POR prior to a Disney cruise next April so we will probably wait until then and take the boat over for the evening. I know construction won’t be done then but maybe it will be less chaotic.

I planned to head there one evening for Raglan Road. First time at RR. Is it worth the hassle or skip it?

When is construction supposed to b finished at DTD?

Trying to decide if its worth it in nov.

Based on how long it has taken this far, I believe the projected completion date is the year 2099


Ds4 loves to roam around in the stores, potato head is a big fav! We love wpe and I could eat the BBQ ck pizza everyday, yum! I haven’t seen the construction and it’s always a mad house IMO anyways so if you have time… I wouldn’t make it a must do though.