Should I wait to make TP until right after I get my G+/LLs?

Hey all, I am heading down this weekend for a week. In the (pre-covid) past, I have relied on TPs successfully. I am trying to make some for our park days next week but is there any point when I have nothing to schedule except for dining reservations? Should I just set those up, and then create TPs each day, once I have real-time reservations? I just don’t see the point. I know which rides I will aim for, but it sounds like lately they either sell out within seconds or you get a late afternoon time slot.

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I guess the answer depends on what you use your TPs for.

In my case, I make a touring plan not to actually use day of…instead, I use a touring plan to figure out, ahead of time, what I can realistically hope to accomplish, and when best to try certain attractions, etc.

So, for me, doing a TP ahead time is the ONLY way it is useful. Once I’m in the parks, I no longer really use the software…I just have a game-plan . If I end up ahead of my plan, all the better. But I go into the day knowing I can expect to get on X and Y, but perhaps not Z, etc.

If you plan to use G+/ILLS (which I don’t expect to ever do myself), then you can potentially take your already-created plan and start plugging in any LLs you may have access to and recalculate. I’m quite anti-G+, though, so I don’t expect to use it myself.


I’d follow @ryan1 suggestion to set it up to get an idea of what you can expect to accomplish and use as a loose guide. It could also help you decide which LLs to target at certain times too if you plan on using G+.

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This is what I was thinking… make a plan- like Ryan more of a game plan of the day. Then I’ll look at my longest waits to see what I should try to get G+ for.

That way it should really just mean I get things done quicker. Hopefully.

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That’s exactly my thought. Book JC at 7am and only put it in the touring plan once I get my return time.

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When to add the G+ time you have to have the ride already in the TP. So, I’d make the plan and then basically ignore it until you get your first G+. Then add that time and Optimize.

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Thanks for the advice everyone. I will spend some time making plans and just update the day of. This should be interesting, with the unexpected crowds and the new system…We’ve been to WDW several times but are bringing newbie family members, so there is a lot of pressure to MAKE THE MAGIC HAPPEN, lol.

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