Should I wait for the new book?

We’re planning on going September 26-October 4, 2015. The new Unofficial Guide for 2016 comes out on August 11. Would it have enough changes that would apply to the time period when we’re going that I should wait to get the new book, or should I just buy the 2015 book? All things being equal, I’d obviously prefer to have a book sooner, rather than later, to make planning less frenetic. (The “Kids” book doesn’t come out until September 15, and that’s definitely too close to our trip to wait.)

I am still working with my 2014 book, but plan to nab the 2016 book. This website among others can supplement if you buy the 2015 edition.

I don’t think there’s anything new in the 2016 that’s not in the updated 2015. Maybe pricing and a few restaurants, but hasn’t been a big “open things” period.

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