Should I use room request fax feature?

Staying SSR, checking in 11/26.

About a month ago, I called DVC and explained my situation to them: (a) many pre-opening ADRs - so want to be near transportation; (b) son, 7, who is a light sleeper and has anxiety - so don’t want to be near “noise” including walkways, facing pool, near ice machine, near elevator, etc. They were super nice and worked with me, suggesting I request a room in the 8101-8436 range. They suggested I call SSR directly 10 days prior to check-in.

I did call - this past Wednesday 11/16 - and the folks told me they see all the notes from the prior conversation about “near transportation, son with medical issues, want quiet room in 8101-8436 block.” Of course, they gave me the deal about trying their best to accommodate but it all depends on availability on the day of my check-in since they are 100% booked, yada, yada.

My question at this point is - should I use the room request fax feature now and put the same notes in there? Would doubling down help or possibly confuse things? Opinions? Thanks.

Given that they confirmed that they could see all the notes from the previous conversation, I would be inclined to leave well enough alone. However, if you do decide to use the fax service, you might want to include something along the lines of “Per prior conversations with Member Services, I would like to request…” so that they know to also look in the reservation notes.