Should I trust the "1"s I am seeing for Sept 2014?

Pulling the kid out of school for 6 days to enjoy crowd level 1 at WDW Sept 13 - 22nd. Is this real? Will it change? I am within my FPP window and haven’t even thought about it because the crowds will be sooooo low, right?


Yes the crowds are non existent in sept in have walked onto all three mountains the 3rd week of sept. @MagicMN


Glad to hear this as we are also pulling kid out of school for September crowds!

we were there mid September two years ago and pretty much walked on to every ride. we had about a 30 minute wait for Winnie the Pooh on the Saturday we were there and that was the longest thing I waited for all trip. other than our 3 hour delayed flight to get there!

This will be our 3rd September trip in a row. The lines have never been very bad but this year most of the Atlanta Suburbs have fall break the week you are going to be there @MagicMN so I expect things to be a bitter busier than in the past years when only 2 districts that I knew of having fall break the same week.
I have friends unable to secure A&E FPP and some other ones as well. Probably just because WDW is sending TONS of email/mail about using FPP and now people who were previously unaware of FPs are aware and using it. Also, the touring plans crowd calendar has changed a bit on predictions not a ton but some.

I should add that the Atlanta area won’t be like a tour group but I imagine FD and fall break going hand in hand has numerous families headed to see the mouse. I know of at least 15 families from my school going as of now and that doesn’t include the students just staff families.

We were there approximately the same dates last year and found that we only needed FP for the headliners. Some of our FP+ that we had booked were not needed. But, at this time we were able to book 4 FPs in the MK each day we planned on being there (no park hoppers so we had only 1 park per day planned) and there were no tiers.

We did last 2 weeks in Sep 06 and sept 13. very low crowds and the longest queue was 30 mins for SM but it had been closed a few days so that could have been the reason. Did a few walk ups for meals also- Plaza and CP.

We go in Sept a lot and will be this Sept too. The crowds are great compared to other times of the year. It is still very hot but the crowd levels make it worth it

I definitely need to plan a Sept trip next year!

We go the first week of September and love it. We avoid the main parks on Labor Day and just hang out at the resort or water park. So excited. 40 more days:)

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On the crowd calendar it lists Labor Day at MK to be a 1 since it is a MNSSHP day and the park closes early for the party. I was planning to go that day. Do you think it might be crowded since it is a holiday?

Wow this is exciting to read! DH and I booked September to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary and his birthday. Low crowd levels would be a plus.

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I am deciding to trust the 1s! And I can hardly wait to be in an uncrowded park. We added this last minute trip next weekend and I was thinking “grief, maybe going in Sept is too much” but the crowds, MNSSHP and F&W all in the same week sound heavenly.

Yep. September is our favorite time to go just for that reason. We have gone every year except for last year (went in October and regretted it) and have been able to walk on most rides.

@eri… trust the “1”. It is a 1 probably because of the MNSSHP. If you were not planning on staying late, this would be a great day. My kiddos wanted to see fireworks and we are not doing MNSSHP this time.

I will trust the 1. Will have DD2.9 with me along with DW, so if we even make it to 7pm it will be a late night. Although we may have to stay longer than our usual 5pm if it keeps clearing out because of the party.

I also noticed the crowd level changed from a 2 to a 1 somewhat recently. I think it was updated because of the party that night.

Yes, September crowds are historically that low. Still a bit too hot for my liking (I go in Nov or Jan), but excellent for crowd levels.

Sept is more crowded than it used to be but still way better than any other month of the year.

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