Should I switch?

I currently have 2 nights at Riviera preferred view studio
I then have 1 night BWV standard view studio
Followed by 2 nights BWV garden view

I have been stalking for a BWV garden view studio to switch that one night to
But today a Riviera preferred view studio came available.

Should I switch the BWV standard view studio to the Riviera one? Or hold out for a BWV garden view studio?

It will require borrowing 4 points.

Our trip is going to be Epcot and HS focused.

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I know nothing of availability but I prefer minimizing chaos, so I’d take the option now that reduced my split stay to only one transition for sure. But only you know if you think those 4 points are worth it…


Can you do both? Switch the 1 night to Riviera, but still try for the BWV garden view studio?

Perhaps the issue is the borrowing, though. If you borrow 4 points, you would lose them if you find the BWV you want?

I suppose one way to look at it is, switching to Riviera you “lose” the 4 points anyhow. If you get the BWV later, you are still “losing” the same number of points, but in the location you prefer (?), so you are no worse off. (I get it though…those points are valuable.)

If I were you, I’d probably keep it as is and hold out for a BWV garden view. I don’t recall, though…when is this trip? What do you think the chances are for a studio to open up for you?

It will require borrowing 4 points, so if I do it I keep it or I will have 4 points stranded in the use year (ends 11/30/22)

So, to me, that almost gives me your answer. Sounds like you should just keep it as is.

My point was that if you book Riviera, you borrow those 4 points. If you then end up getting the BWV Garden View room (assuming that is your preference), you aren’t out any ADDITIONAL points over what you would have borrowed by doing Riviera. (You might think of it like you’re paying an extra 4 points for the BWV Garden View studio??)

Oh I see what you’re saying.

Hmm… How do I feel about that?



Well it’s gone now :slight_smile:

Decision made LOL

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So…NOW how do you feel? Relieved? Or annoyed? That might tell you something in how you handle it the next time something similar pops up.

(It is like that supposed technique where you flip a coin to decide between two choices…but before you look at what the coin, or even immediately after, you pay attention to how you feel about which side comes up…which tells you more about which you actually are hoping for more.)

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I feel neutral actually

I was like - oh, it’s gone. Heh. Okay

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Would you be within your banking window if the waitlist came through?

If so you could modify so as to use the borrowed points first and then bank the 4 current points.

Otherwise I think I’d still just risk losing the 4 points.


Nope. I’ll be past my banking window and dangerously close to the end of my use year. So if I did this (should it become available again) and I switched to BWV the points would be stranded

Thanks for the input.

I think in my heart of hearts I’d rather do BWV for 3 nights and Riv for 2.
But more than that I think I would rather not have to switch rooms twice.

So I think if it comes available again I might just take it.


Can you grab one time use points-

Depending on where you are in your use year anything left overs from a downgrade in points would than be bankable

A very similar thing happened to me in October. We were trying to decide between BC (we had reserved a cash room) and Poly and I saw Poly come up for a rental, but deliberated too much and it was gone. I was so disappointed - like @ryan1 said, this was my indication that it was what I really wanted. So the next time Poly came up (and I watched for it like a hawk), I pounced. And we were uber satisfied.

Part of me loves these decision points. It’s nice if you can think through all scenarios and know what you’d do if something pops up so you’re prepared. But sometimes it’s those situations that you didn’t think of our game out that are most exciting. The possibilities and combinations are limitless!