Should I switch my day for HS?

Obviously I am tracking crowd levels for my upcoming trip.

We have 6 day hopper passes that we will be using from August 14-22. We have booked in to be at DHS on 16th and 21st. Initially the 16th was showing a lowest crowd level which is why we chose that day. However now the weekend is showing HS as a 4! Should I change one of my days?

Since the 16th and 21st are currently showing as CL 5, that’s only 1 different from a 4. The general consensus is that it is not worth totally rearranging your plans for a predicted difference of just one level. There’s not much actual difference in just one level. The actual crowd levels for any one day could very easily turn out to be a level higher or lower, and then you’d wonder why you bothered to switch.


My thoughts as well but the weekend dropped dramatically at all parks. We were avoiding the weekend for that reason but I am tempted now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Are yoi getting G+? Rumor is that wuyh morr locals at HS on the weekends, there are fewer people in the G+ lines.

But honestly, I do my schedule more around operating hours, i.e. AK (earliestt open) never follows MK (latest open) u less we aren"t rope dropping AK, etc.


I would always keep my desired days and ignore the crowd calendar. I good touring plan will make any crowd easy to manage.


We did end up switching some days around. Which ended up being more about getting dining reservations we really wanted.

I never even look at crowd levels. They can be 2 levels out - in either direction - quite easily and sometimes more. I would never recommend anyone change their days based on them.