Should I switch from BC to YC?

One night stay in June for one grown-up. Currently booked in BC. But the chat people keep talking up YC — refurbished rooms (all of them?), balconies, quieter, more adulty, . . .

I just went through this same question! After perusing what folks had said here, I figured YC would be better for two grownups. Our travel agent said the same thing — that it’s a bit quieter and more formal. Also, not all BC rooms have balconies, and that was a must-have for us.


YC would be my choice but I have “a thing” for balconies!

Ah. It costs £50 to make the change. I’ll stick with BC!

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You’ll be fine with either. Both are great resorts.


Incidentally, the cast member I spoke to claimed that the rooms-with-balconies ratio for BC is the same as for YC as they are architecturally identical buildings. Sort of.

I will say that, once again, first class service from the person I spoke to. And the phone was answered pretty much instantly by a human being.

Lol, well- that person is wrong. BC has a combo of full balconies, Juliet balconies, and no balconies. YC has balconies for all rooms.

Although I’m traumatised — obviously — at having to stay in an awful hotel barely better than sleeping rough on a bench in Epcot overnight, I won’t actually be in my room very much: my schedule doesn’t allow for much room time!

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You will love BC!

Don’t forget to eat at Cape May’s if you love seafood. It right there at BC.

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I would stick with Beach Club. Dogs are allowed at the Yacht Club part of the resort.

You realise that if you change, then the chances are your plans will change and you’ll end up changing again right? :rofl::rofl::wink:

What is this word “change” that you are using? I’m not familiar with it.


Come to think of it, it must have been a couple of days at least you haven’t told us of a “re-alignment” of your trip.

What’s up? Hope you’re not ill …

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Hilarious auto-correct error there. I assume you typed “genius improvement”.

Actually, I have made a few tweaks. Now that I know where I stand with TSL I’ve made some adjustments. Devoting an entire (and long) day to DHS because of TSL was nuts so I’ve reverted to an earlier plan in which I have breakfast at MK first.

At the same time, to be safe, I’ve rewritten departure day, which is now DHS. The Epcot activity has been shifted to other days.

What I’ve learned from this round of planning is (a) how important dining experiences are to me, and (b) how few rides are must-dos for me. This trip also focuses more on visual spectacle, e.g. touring hotels.

Ride fun is more reserved for UOL. Though even then I’ve cut short those days to return to WDW for an evening ADR and FPP. For example, one night I’m coming back for dinner at Tiffins followed by a leisurely Na’vi cruise.

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I like it!

I’m not so much into the dining, but certainly love the “visual experiences” as much as rides. The little things, the relaxed meandering and so-on. We have the luxury perhaps of longer stays and relatively cheaper tickets, so less pressure perhaps to “get it all done”.

It makes us less typical liners though!

Funny, my first years of touring I was a commando- one week, ADR at CP on departure day. The last few years the experiences, foods and lounges are my touring plan. Unit is different for me but now that I have done all of those attractions multiple times I may shift too.