Should I skip this jingle bam thing?

Here’s my problem. I’m trying to fit in some dining plans and wondering if this shod worth hanging out in HS studios for. Not to mention I’m assuming taking time to stake out a good spot. Or should I just skip it and go to dinner. We have 2 kids 6/8 that may like show ??

Are they doing Jungle Bell, Jingle BAM! again this year? It was new last year, and while cute, I wouldn’t stay for it. The show features the elves from Prep and Landing trying to get Santa back after he’s kidnapped by Oogie Boogie.

JBJB was a new show last year, and from early December onwards replaced the Star Wars show. However very late on, about a week before Christmas they announced the Star Wars show would also run earlier each night. That certainly started at Christmas, maybe a few nights before.

Apparently the reason they only had JBJB scheduled at first was because of technical issues in running the 2 shows (with different projection requirements) which they figured out. In which case, the schedule for this year may well be different. They may run the Christmas show (if they have one) first and the Star Wars one later. I never saw JBJB, but Star Wars was fab.

I would make 2 tentative plans, one to stay and one to leave. Maybe book somewhere at DHS and a later ressie somewhere else, and then cancel once the schedule comes out. And it’s not likely to be changed at the last minute this year.

I’ve seen as many negative JBJB revues as positive ones and I’ve seen nothing about it on Disney’s site for 2017. I wondered it’s they dumped it?

The park schedule isn’t out yet. Too early to say whether they’ll keep it for this year, it was only announced last year sometime late September maybe?

If it’s close to Christmas or your family just really enjoys Christmas music, then it’s worth seeing. I was underwhelmed watching video of the show last year, but left with a smile after seeing the show live. It’s not spectacular and I didn’t know the Elves who tried to bring the story together, but it was upbeat and fun.

You are probably right about needed to stake out a spot, though, since being relatively closer to the theater, where you can see projections and laser effects, makes a difference. It’s a lot like the Star Wars fireworks show in that regard.

Judge for yourself…

Visually it’s pretty cool, but I really don’t care for the soundtrack.

We were not planning on seeing this when we went last year, but we sort of stumbled on it and got decent viewing spots and decided to stay and watch … it was actually pretty cute and the kids loved it. They loved anything that had the fake snow, haha!

How soon did u fun a spot or did u just hang out in back?

I think we snagged a spot 10-15 minutes before the show … they were pretty good spots, and then I remember turning around 5 minutes later and being amazed at how many people were now behind me!

My kids were 2, 4, and 6 at the time by the way - they had never seen Prep and Landing but loved Nightmare Before Christmas