Should I rope drop Rise or not?

An optimized touring plan for 1/26/2022 is telling me to not do Rise until 2:23pm when I’ll have a 95 minute wait. If I force it to be first (8:30 early entry) it tells me I’ll wait 120 minutes. This is on a day that the Crowd Calendar says HS will be a 2. Just a 2!

What should I do? Should I ignore the optimizer and just hit Rise first thing?

(Should I then go right to Smugglers Run after?)

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That is the question. Although, I do know that TP assumes you will be in the middle of the early entry crowd. Only you know whether you will truly be at the front of the pack (when ROTR might be a good idea)

I’ll be at the gate at 8am (or even earlier) if I have to be, if that would help.

Curious, Does setting your plan to start before 8:30 still make a difference?

It already is set for 8:30 entry

If you can truly RD and be at the gates at least one hour early and you really focus on getting to SW:GE you can make it. TP tends to err on the side of caution about the waits at RD. They’d get a lot of complaints from users getting to the parks at opening expecting to walk-on to attractions.

This RD error is common. Many people ask for workarounds.I’d tell you to start your TP at least 30 - 60 minutes after open representing your walk to SW:GE and RotR time. Then make the first step MF:SR or Kat Saka’s Kettle which are nearby.

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I have been setting up my early park entry rope drops starting with my second planned attraction.

So for example on my AK day I am planning on rope dropping FOP but my plan starts with Na’vi. It may start a little later than the plan outlines, but more accurate than an extra hour wait for FOP.


I was thinking of taking Rise off the TP, doing Rise at RD, then reoptimizing the TP in the app after I walk off Rise.


Ok, I just know pre-ETPE you could set your day to start up to 45 minutes early. Not sure if you still can now.

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We got to the park and got to the line at GE at 7:45am. They started letting us in a few minutes later. We were not at the front of the pack and finished before 8:30am. This was this past Monday morning.

TP won’t account for that.


If you are absolutely sure you will be in the front of the EE pack, then rope drop it. Otherwise, trust what Lines says.

Good luck, and I hope you go on a day that RotR doesn’t have early morning technical problems.