Should I purchase park hopper?

only planning to park hop one day to go for dinner at Epcot. have always purchased but only used during last trip when it rained. what do you do?

so what will you do on the night you have to go to Epcot for dinner if you do not purchase? If you are going to two parks that day you need to purchase PH. Will you change your plans and make that an Epcot day?

I would have to change my plan and go to Epcot 2 days. I still haven’t figured out how to do Epcot right. I.e. if we do it all in one day we are so tired at the end we are just exhausted and stop enjoying it. so we were going to have a light day in HS then have dinner at le cellier

I always pick the light morning and then hop. I love the flexibilty of hoppers, but they are not for everyone. How many in your party? Will the cost be justified for one day?

We’ve done our first few trips without PH and then tried it last year for our Christmas trip and loved it. Since it was a busier time, we could hop when we felt the parks were too much for us. Also love the flexibility to end your day in the WS with a nice dinner and an adult beverage or two :slight_smile:

You have hit the nail on the head! Epcot is a 1 and a half day park. It’s too much for one day. Plus with FPP tiers, you can’t get TT and Soaring FPP in the same day. So I hear you! Wish I had a better answer, but we are hoppers.

We love park hopper. We do RD with morning EMH and then hop the heck out to the less crowded park. Wouldn’t be without it.

I’m a fan of “hopping”, but have also vacationed with friends and family who did not buy the park-hopper option and still had fun. If money is tight, then it’s something you can live without. I like hopping because it allows me more flexibility in choosing where to eat (often in Epcot), when to see evening fireworks, and going to the Magic Kingdom when it is open late can be a great time to visit popular attractions with minimal crowds.

We bought PH’s last time, but didn’t end up using them. We were so exhausted after our mornings that hopping over to another park was too much, even after afternoon breaks. If we went back to parks at all, we went back to the same park to catch 1-2 things we didn’t get to in the AM.

We went in August when the heat was absolutely brutal, so that may have made a difference. Since we’re on a tight budget, I think park hopping is an extra I wouldn’t pay for again.

I definitely get the appeal of park hopping in theory, but in practice we never end up doing it enough to justify the cost. We try to keep the costs down and cut out the things that don’t feel necessary to us. For one dinner, I would rather just change my park plans for the day. Though it might be different if we stayed near a park, especially Epcot.

I often do Epcot on my arrival day, which is usually on the short side, then another full day (or two full days if I have the time, but that’s pretty rare).

We plan to hop on 2 of our 4 days during a resort stay. Is there a way to choose partial hoppers? Or is it all hop or nothing?

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Is there a way to choose partial hoppers?[/quote]

It’s all or nothing. The parkhopper fee is the same whether you add it for one day or for the entire duration of your park pass.